I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos. Other specs are 33inch. You are not likely to find a foamy jet any bigger than this! This huge Mig is made from EPO foam and is super detailed, there can be no doubt, this jet is going to. do à un en r n foaming; frothing, howering; scumming, skimming. €5 d, a u mig, adj. foaming, frothing, foamy. frothy; sójáuntige6 85ter beer that slowers. € d, at m .

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Send a private message to hansen3.

Mig 29 Foamy 3rd test

Check it out at www. Images View all Images in thread. Send a private message to Free Bird. First I want to say, that so far the build is pretty much falling together.

At least the Chinese try to pass it off as the original. It just wasn’t very much fun to fly. Since every roamy but the servos are quickly removable, I’ve stripped it down for painting. The two jets don’t even look alike, and are not the same MIG. You buy the guys kits Teerific Jets to get all the numbers and airfoils.

Plan to fly it in a few days. Very nice build so far! Did you guys get my request for a F?


Flat Foamy Mig – RC Groups

Very cool and hard to resist. My first exposure to this was around when I designed and built a model rocket boost glider img used the Jedelsky airfoil. You may not post new threads. Last edited by Cactusflyer; Apr 11, at Pusher Park Jets For all pusher jets and jet-like models.

Ooops nevermind I see the picture now. We are stocking the 56mm units balanced and ready to run along with the Castle Phoenix 25 and Thunderbird 36 speed controls to go with them Tailwinds, John Images View all Images in thread Views: Every time I take ,ig to the field or park, I just giggle and have a great time.

You will note that in my original post, I mentioned that I was disappointed in the performance of “another” park jet Could be a good candidate for something like Wemotec Microfans too.

So did you join RCGroups just to attack your competition?

I had purchased an EDF kit last year that was built out of Depron and it used a 50mm fan set-up. I was cleaning up the hard rive on my desktop foammy I came across this video of the prototype Mig flying. I tactfully omitted identifying the manufacturer out of respect for that manufacturer. Pharter got himself banned over on another forum!


The flying times were in excess of 7 minutes due to a lot of throttle use. It took about 3 seconds before I realized I had to have one. The Mig and A-4 fly well in large indoor venues as well as outdoors Tailwinds, John. This was about Find More Posts by Gordito Volador.

My Mig uses a Jedelsky type airfoil. May 03, I comes assembled with a Himax brushless motor Pharter, in your infinite wisdom, made the connection. I like the thing so much that my flying buddy have taking everyones advice and we have decided to kit it. Quote message in reply? I’m sure there were others making foamies before Teerific.

Scratch-built foamy mig-25

I tried, but you have locked out private messages. The subject matter sought to be patented must be sufficiently different from what has been used or described before that it may be said to be nonobvious to a person having ordinary skill in the area of technology related to the invention.


Check this out from last weekend: I have yet to stall it. Find More Posts by thedeuce.

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