The largest verified database of nutrition information. Fuddruckers Nutrition Information, Calories, Allergens. Fuddruckers nutrition facts and nutritional information. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for Fuddruckers and over other foods at.

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Company headquarters is in Houston, Texas.

I thought that it was mandatory for this information to be disclosed!! Hamburger – No Bun Serving Size: Because of his condition I have nurrition counter act everything he eats with insulin.

So the point is.

Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide

Fuddruckers does have a book behind the counter that lists nutrition information. However, once every 2 weeks or so I can’t take the diet anymore and go get the full burger combo at Fuddruckers, soda and all.

Even the spice they put on the fries has 4.

It works very well with my diet. I’ll let you know if I get a response! I found this while googling Fuddruckers nutrition info since it still isn’t on their website after all this time!! Quoting a previos poster: It was done by the chain in NE.

  DIN2616 - 2 PDF

Obviously if I wanted to eat completely healthy all the time, I wouldn’t have gone to Fuddruckers, however, I am following Weight Watchers and was trying to calculate what a grilled chicken breast might be.

Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide | Our Everyday Life

That’s with no butter on bun and no fries. Here’s a solution for all of you griping about not knowing what you’re eating Go to the store, there isn’t one item that does not carry the label of what’s in it and its nutritional data. Anti-Inflammatory Diet is good or bad? Some of these posters are ridiculous.

Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

Burger From Fuddruckers Serving Size: I found this posted by another consumer on another site. New to magnetic fields?

I am doing a very vigorous workout routine and pretty strict diet. The only one you can blame is yourself. It’s no surprise that Fuddruckers isn’t exactly health food, but with some smart fudrduckers you can enjoy a Fuddruckers meal and not go too far overboard. Now that Quiznos has finally caved and made nutrition facts available, it would a great public service to offer the full story on this chain.

However, Fuddruckers and pretty much any restaurant is never going to present a healthy meal in the true sense of the word.


Nutriiton in Plain English. I am vegan my family is not but my teenagers like fast food on vacation as they rarely eat it.

California is the only state that requires this information and fuddrufkers should be nationwide, for medical reasons alone! I did sent fuddruckers and email asking for their nutrional info – especially on their salads.

Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

I have a large collection of tips on for your Jewelry Rings. I’m no fan of regulatory intrusion into civilian life, but in this case I am surrounded by poison and my money goes to places who’ve taken the time to look out for me.

Their nutrtional values must be outrageous for them not to post it. But I can’t quit my family – I thought the Caribbean with dressing on the side would not be so bad.