This is due to the fact that large parts of the Gentoo Handbook use installation source text that is shared for all architectures (to avoid. The Security handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux. Find the individual parts below or view the all-in-one-page Security. Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Arbeiten mit Gentoo version of the page Handbook:X86/Full/Working and the translation is % complete.

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When downloading a tarball ending in. Once done, it is now time to set the system-wide locale settings. If the wrong keymap is selected, then weird results will come up when handbch on the keyboard. This means users may have to load genttoo appropriate kernel modules manually. When the Installation CD boots, it tries to detect all the hardware devices and loads the appropriate kernel modules drivers to support the hardware. If a driver is found for the network device, use modprobe to load the kernel module.


The application that is selected for installation has a name that corresponds with more than one package. Btrfs filesystems generated in this way can act in the following modes: Example values are presented after the table. Configuration for ifplugd is fairly straightforward too. Of course it is far from finished, which is why the installation still has some sections left! Retrieved from ” https: Erstellen Sie nun eine kleine Boot Partition.

To install a prebuilt package, add the –getbinpkg option to the emerge command alongside of the –usepkg option. An environment variable is a named object that contains information used by one or more applications.

When downloading a tarball ending in. It can be used to automatically sync the system clock to UTC time using a time server. Warning Be aware, migrating from a no-multilib to a multilib system requires an extremely well-working knowledge of Gentoo and the lower-level toolchain it may even cause our Toolchain developers to shudder a little.


As an example we mount the root partition:. Although it is optional and not required for every system, it is wise to install one. Those who desire their systems to be capable of easily switching profiles should download the multilib tarball option for their respective processor architecture. This setting is a collection of USE flags we think are commonly used by the Gentoo users.

Locales specify not only the language that the user should use to interact with the system, but also what the rules are for sorting strings, displaying dates and times, etc. Repeatedly type p to print out a partition listing and then type d and the number of the partition to delete it. We will use the kernel and initrd when configuring a boot loader later in this document. Each new profile version genfoo announced through a news item containing migration instructions. Two or more packages to install depend on each other and can therefore not be installed.

The X86 project is a good place to be for more information about Gentoo’s x86 support.

Handbook:Main Page – Gentoo Wiki

Display title “Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Continue with Preparing the disks. The first tool to decide on has to provide logging facilities for the system. If not configured properly, the system might have lots of free space on one partition and none on another. Um absolut sicher zu sein, dass alles richtig ist, verifizieren Sie den angezeigten Fingerabdruck gegen den Fingerabdruck auf der Gentoo-Signaturen-Seite.

The Gentoo minimal installation Handbuchh is a bootable image which contains a self-sustained Gentoo environment. Warnung Do not select any of the the To fix a blockage, users can choose to not install the package or unmerge the conflicting package first.


It supports MBR and, as of version 6.

Next to the runlevel, the rc-update script requires a second argument that defines the action: Let’s take the example of seamonkey: Choosing a base tarball for the system can gntoo a considerable amount of time later on in the installation process, specifically when it is time to choose a system profile. Not sure where to go from here?

If a user ever needs to perform some task as root, they can use su – to temporarily receive root privileges. To download a stage, surf to the Gentoo mirror list like so:. The instructions further down this chapter target the Minimal Installation CD so might be a bit different. Later on during the installation a timezone will be defined. Gentoo uses a complex inheritance system for its profiles, which we will not dive into at this stage. It needs a configuration file that specifies what actions need to be taken.

Previously, the Gentoo Handbook described the installation using one of three stage tarballs. Verify the ESP is mounted before running the following commands. A known guideline is to fill in -jN where N is the number of CPUs that run distccd including the current host plus one, but that is just a guideline. Repeat the following command for each key you wish to trust.

This code can either be typed in manually or generated by using the Signature and timestamp button in the edit toolbar. Die Standardauswahl ist nicht unbedingt das, was wir empfehlen. First create a very small BIOS boot partition.

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