Gerald Dworkin, professor of philosophy at the University of California-Davis, examines John What is the difference between “pure” and “impure” paternalism?. Outline of Dworkin on Paternalism (in James White text). Paternalism = limitations on personal freedom or choice, done to benefit the person. GERALD DWORKIN. MORAL PATERNALISM. (Accepted 9 February ) is a distinction being drawn between a man’s physical good and his moral good?.

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We are not nudging towards ends she does not hold. In some sense he substitutes his judgment for hers in the belief that his judgment is better than hers. Or consider the case of a wife who hides her dwoorkin pills so that her potentially suicidal husband cannot use them.

There is also the distinct issue of whether one acts not knowing about the consent of the person in question.

Call these broad nudges. Click here to sign up. Only a view which ignores the means by which good is promoted, and the ethical status of such means, can hold this. The most striking paternxlism of the definition is clause 3.

But they seem to have a morally dubious character. But it also raises certain theoretical issues. This entry examines some of the conceptual issues involved in analyzing paternalism, and then discusses the normative issues concerning the legitimacy geraod paternalism by the state and various civil institutions. My own reaction is to think of this as precisely the contrast class to paternalism.

Relational Autonomy and the Social Dynamics of Paternalism.

Suppose we prevent persons from manufacturing cigarettes because we believe they are harmful to consumers. Gerald Dworkin University of California, Davis. Autonomy in Applied Geeald in Applied Ethics. Another issue concerning autonomy is whether it is affected by both intentional and unintentional nudges. I interfere with your autonomy when I steal your bicycle but that is not a case of paternalism.

Most users should sign in with their email address. The broadest definition I have encountered is that of Seanna Sheffrin who defines paternalism in such a way that the beneficiary of the action may be, and may be intended to be, someone other than the person towards whom we are acting paternalistically.


To deny an adult the right to make their own decisions, however mistaken from some standpoint they are, is to treat them as simply means to their own good, rather than as ends in themselves.

In order to influence students to make healthier food choices as they pass the cafeteria options place the healthy foods at eye level gerals place the less healthy choices higher or lower than eye level.


But one might still think there are sufficient differences in this case the mechanism by which this is brought about so that it is important to distinguish them. Gerakd this expansion of the definition of paternalism is warranted or not is a matter of what issues are being explored and whether such an expansion makes things clearer or more confused.

Marion Smiley – – Journal of Value Inquiry 23 4: Ultimately the question of how to refine the conditions, and what conditions to use, is a matter for philosophical judgment. The broadest is simply consequentialist, i. Help Center Find new research papers in: But what about the following case?

Consider the cafeteria example. Sign In Forgot password? But it is not at all clear that there is any insult the person whose judgment is over-ridden.

But opponents of the doctrine, often of a libertarian or conservative bent, object to the doctrine on the grounds that it is an instance of paternalist behavior.

In recent years there has been a new, influential, strand of thought about paternalistic interferences. The group we are trying to protect is the group of consumers not manufacturers who may not be smokers at all. A policy is paternalistic, then, if it cannot be justified by non-paternalistic reasons alone, and the government adopts it only because someone in the relevant political process takes some paternalistic reason as sufficient to justify it.


An AnthologyHoboken: For the key to her normative argument is that she believes that there is a distinct motive which can justify not enforcing unconscionable contracts having nothing to do with protecting one of the parties.

This did increase the rate of payment. It is an act intended to produce good for the agent which might be thought to place the burden of proof on those who object to paternalism. Sunstein believes that this would satisfy his transparency condition but that it might be objectionable on grounds of manipulation. One might adopt one analysis in the context of doctors and patients and another in the context of whether the state should ban unhealthy foods. Libertarian Paternalism is the set of interventions aimed at overcoming the unavoidable cognitive biases and decisional inadequacies of an individual by exploiting them in such a way as to influence her decisions in an easily reversible manner towards the choices she herself would make under idealised conditions.

In particular moral paternalism should be distinguished from legal moralism, i. We are getting them to read for the wrong reasons.

Gerald Dworkin, Paternalism – PhilPapers

Some argue that taking advantage of our non-rational tendencies, even for good herald, is objectionable. The first condition in the definition is: The issue is whether it is a necessary condition. Doctors do not tell their patients the truth about their medical condition. On these views we must always respect the rational agency of other persons.

Jessica Begon – – Analysis 76 3: First try and spell out why we are concerned about paternalism. Public Health and Public Goods. She has no right that patternalism keep his sleeping pills in clear view.

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