Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published April 1st by Kiseido Publishing Co, pages, Paperback. I had been wanting some more problem/tsumego books and recently picked up Get Strong at Tesuji and Life and Death problems at my. : Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) () by Richard Bozulich and a great.

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Book Review: Get Strong at Tesuji – BenGoZen

I plan to read the book three times. In another section the reader is shown when it is appropriate to expand his eye space and when he should fall back and play on a vital point. There is a nice repetition of techniques that are dispersed throughout the book to allow for excellent reinforcement of the technique.

Then returning to the beginning and tackling both the one-star and two-star problems. Open Preview See a Problem? It also has to do with giving you more ideas about candidate move selection, i. The problems in this book illustrate: I’d love to be corrected here, since I know I could be wrong and mostly write this post to see if I am wrong. Players often come out of the opening with a clear lead, only to see it dwindle away in the endgame.

The preface to the book recommends spending about 10 seconds on each problem, solve all the problems on a page sttrong move on to the answers. But creating or finding vulnerable stones, then attacking them correctly is an equally important technique and one that many amateurs are deficient in. Porawet Wonggard rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Problems have a difficulty rating to inform the players how hard the problem is. Page 1 of 1. For errata, see http: Tonydowler Dowler rated it really liked it Feb 27, Is this book easy to read?


Alternatively, you can come back to the problems after you’ve gained a few stones, at which point the final position if not the tesuji that leads to it will be obvious. Books by Richard Bozulich. Also included are a complete explanation of the status of the bent-four-in-the-corner shape and ten-thousand-year ko.

Explanations and solutions are short and clear cut. What did I gain from reading this book? Robin rated it it was amazing Nov 12, If you want to get strong at tesuji, it is not necessary to solve difficult problems; rather, it is more important to solve a lot of easy problems.

Problem4 stars.

Get Strong at Tesuji • Life In 19×19

Though there is no introductory section on the techniques that are used in the book, tsuji that I want to remind readers out there is that the concept of tesuji is to find a move that works in your favor no matter how your opponent responds. Get Strong at Go 10 books.

Mon Dec 31, 6: Max rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Accurate analysis, spotting tesujis, and killing or rescuing stones are the backbone of middle-game strength. Dave Whipp rated it really liked it Jun 27, Here are problems systematically covering the standard invasions on the side and the corners, attacking corner enclosures, and erasing large territorial frameworks.

Paperbackpages. On the other hand, if your opening and middle game are not so strong, the surest way to stage an upset is to become a strong endgame player. In the problems in Part Three, you are asked to calculate the value of basic endgame moves, such as various hane and connection moves made on the first, second, and third lines, and the value of endgame sequences that arise from commonly played josekis. I think it would be really helpful to you!

Get Strong at Tesuji

Finally, there is a full board endgame problem in which a professional plays against another professional, then from the same position plays against an amateur dan player. Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Dec 11, In many of the standard patterns presented, small changes are made in the configuration of nearby stones ta the effect on the status of the group under siege is illustrated in a series of problems.


This book contains problems from 9-stone to 2-stone handicaps. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Some things to look for — sente versus gote, the size of follow-up moves, follow-ups that are sente versus gote, whether stones are cut, whether stones can be cut, the value of stones.

Although this is first and foremost a problem book containing problemsthe explanations of the main topics make it useful as an introduction to life and death and it should be af to players who have read an introductory go book and played a few games. You might want to see if you can do better than the amateur and perhaps even match the professional’s result after you have studied the contents of this book.

Increased confidence in my ability to identify tesuji in positions that once were obscure to me.

Finally, going back to the start and doing all the problems. Edit page Discuss page 3. Given minutes I generally can solve all the Dan level questions I’m about 5k but in actual games I wouldn’t even try reading to the same depth.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Bottom Line Though I was skeptical of the book at first, this book is actually very accessible to beginner and intermediate players though a bit more towards intermediate players who want to practice tesuji. Sam Beckett rated it it was strpng May 01, What is the format of the book?

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