Giacinto Scelsi was an Italian composer who also wrote surrealist poetry in French. He is best . Quattro Pezzi – Anahit – Uaxuctum, 3. Hurqualia – Hymnos. In , he completed the ferocious, tormented, complex Uaxuctum. The myths and mysteries of this Mayan city is reflected in Scelsi’s compositional process. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Giacinto Scelsi at the Discogs , Giacinto Scelsi – Quattro Pezzi Per Orchestra – Anahit – Uaxuctum album art.

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Scelsi: La Nascita del Verbo; Quattro Pezzi; Uaxuctum

Practically a palindrome, Dharana represents the initial stage in deep meditation. Grandiose and colorful passages compare with Scriabin and Messiaen, with strange chorus murmurings suggesting B-movie sound effects. Released in full for the first time on the Wergo disc, the cycle is totally compelling, with its fractured monodies, each obsessing around a single pitch or small group of notes, and punctuated in some of the numbers by drums, gongs, a wailing saxophone or recorder, creating a self-sufficient and unique sound world.

In addition to the large chorus, written at an astonishingly difficult technical level, the work is scored for: The anguished Uaxuctum ‘s subtitle, The Legend of the Mayan City which they uaxhctum destroyed for religious reasonsperpetuates the obsessions. Inhe completed the ferocious, tormented, complex Uaxuctum. La nascita del Verbo preceded Scelsi’s mental collapse in the late s.

CD: Scelsi: La Nascita del Verbo; Quattro Pezzi; Uaxuctum | Music | The Guardian

Wolpe in Jerusalem mode Iannis Xenakis: Webern’s Klangfarbenmelodie may have arrived there first, however Scelsi went to an extreme by devoting entire movements to a single pitch.


The Four Pieces on a Single Note, fromis arguably his best known work; Uaxuctum, his evocation of a Mayan civilisation, includes a chorus and an ondes martenot in the aural mix.

Especially since the disc also includes Uaxuctumsubtitled The Legend of the Mayan City which they themselves destroyed for religious reasons, another monsterpiece for ondes Martenot, seven percussionists, timpani and piece ensemble. It might be better, in fact, if the title was replaced with something like “Music for Chorus and Orchestra,” then it could be considered on its merits without being compelled to go allusion-hunting.

Without wishing to cast aspersions on them and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra on this new recording, it’d be great if one day the work could be recorded by a truly major league outfit with a huge budget – and no audience: All these sounds are used with the most refined sense of instrumental colors, particularly with an aptness for blending them to create unique, surreal soundscapes that are mountainous, planetary, galactic.

The myths and mysteries of this Mayan city is reflected in Scelsi’s compositional process: Musica Viva FestivalVol. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Steeped in chromaticism, with hints of Scriabin and a sea of percussion, Nascita boasts a vast double fugue one of the most imposing in the history of music and a forty-seven voice canon in twelve keys.

While Schoenberg, Boulez and Cage brought to the 20th century new organizational strategies, Scelsi sidestepped their advances through a fundamental iaxuctum of pitch and instrumental color.

Giacinto Scelsi

His musical output, which encompassed all Western classical genres except scenic music, remained largely undiscovered even within contemporary musical circles during most of his life. When it was premiered in OctoberScelsi was 83 years old, no longer composing and less than a year graveside. Since Scelsi’s oeuvre was taken up enthusiastically by a younger generation of self-proclaimed tone scientists it’s been all too easy to overlook its raw gut power.


This extraordinary piece is in five movements, totaling approximately uaxuctumm minutes.

Uaxuctum, for ondes martenot,… | Details | AllMusic

Two duets receive their first recordings: Oriental philosophy filtered in acelsi well. Most intriguing of all is La Nascita del Verbofor chorus and orchestra. Most intriguing of all is La Nascita del Verbo, for chorus and orchestra. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. He became the first uaxuctym of dodecaphony in Italy, although he did not continue to use this system. What came after his recovery was something totally different from the rather earnest neoclassicism of that work, and couched in its own, personal musical terms.

Scelsi cleverly applies scordatura so that some notes resonate while others pass dully.

Beyond the work’s fervency, it’s hard to find the mature Scelsi, suggesting rather that he wasn’t quite all there. Home News Contacts Copyright. Its intoxicating jumble of expressionism, Wagnerian bluster and complex canons aligns it with similar creation myths by Leifs uauctum Langgaard.

WWE 1CD seems preoccupied with exotic sound production and sits closer to works by Lachenmann, Xenakis and Cage in the same release it’s also a single 7: WWE 4CD ; single disc: Scelsi came to conceive of artistic creation as a means of communicating a higher, transcendent reality to the listener.

Titled in Sanskrit, both course slowly though quarter- and uwxuctum under precisely specified vibrato.