GLPI is a free IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk system. This open . “GLPI est un outil d’inventaire de parc informatique et de Helpdesk, lancé en et porté par Julien Dombre, Jean-Mathieu Doléans et Bazile. The issue tracking and helpdesk features can be found under the Assistance section of the top menu. The first one is simply called “tracking” functions, but. GLPI is a free and open-source web-based help desk application that allows you to create, track trouble tickets and work orders. It also allows.

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You would like to give an opinion? In the free version you have extensive functionalities and in the paid version the support is very efficient when gllpi comes to configuring your IT infrastructure based on the best ITIL practices.

The solution glpu able to build an inventory of all the organization’s assets and to manage administrative and financial helldesk. However i have listed them below for the sake of clarity.

Is a excelente IT solution for helpdesk. It is complicated to realize the safety adequacies for the different units, it is not possible to divide the units of agreement to name, all the ticket can be seen by several persons which is not suitable for areas of discharge manages Overall: For instance you can do Non-IT inventory cars, rooms, you name it.

The interface can be a bit rough around the edges. The few shortcomings that you have been able to lgpi in each version, always solve them and bring much more improvements with each version, there is a large community that supports and helps the continuous improvement of the tool Overall: Simple and very useful has helped me to keep my activities organized. Inventorying requirements in the real world. Follow learning paths and assess your new skills.


Both modules were easy enough to use and did the job. Rating and details – Please fill out all the heldesk notes.

How to install GLPI(Helpdesk and asset Management Software)

Deploying agents on Mac OS X operating systems. I have installed GLPI in three medium companies and I also use it for my personal projects, I like that it has two large modules, the first of which is the inventory manager, equipment, servers, peripherals, software licenses, network, reservation of shared resources, among others.

The projects it is available as Gantt type trees and graphics. If you have already created a MySQL database it should have listed in the next screen as shown below, else you have to create a new one by clicking on the link Create new database. I have used it a couple of years to manage an academic research laboratory in a public University, but migrated to another solution because usability drawbacks and old-fashioned interface.

Carrying out administrative tasks with GLPI. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GLPI is a web-based application helping companies to manage their information system. I have had several benefits in my work, I have installed it and everyone likes it, the incidents are handled in an orderly manner and are addressed by priority, it has allowed me to deliver reports with graphics to senior management, in my independent work it allows me to have the helpdeks of my clients ordered to know what the state is, so that they and I are informed of the situations that arise.

Install MySQL database server version 5. The previous Tracking is only possible for technicians and administrators. Securing the process with SSL certificates. Information Technology and Services, employees. You can associate users, groups, companies, Assets, contacts.

GLPi Reviews and Pricing –

Moreover, GLPI has many plugins that add further features. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Maintaining a clean inventory: Hhelpdesk default user accounts and their passwords will be shown in the above window. For instance you can do Non-IT inventory cars, rooms, you name it Cons: Select an element on the page. So, you can have your questions and needs solved or not. Analista Integral de desarrollo de aplicaciones y soporte al cliente.


On the user side, however, the software works without much problems. Going beyond the retrieval mechanism. A pragmatic look at initial configuration. Learn More Got it!

gllpi Another advantage of this tool is that it allows you to take inventory control helpesk your organization and this adds value to the other features that I mentioned. In my opinion, the most complete tool for an IT department. GLPI Software can be installed and set up in two different ways, either through the community forge or through a professional network. I can take the control of my requirements and incidents. Point your web browser with URL http: Font size rem 1.

Setting up prerequisite software on Linux flavors.

Note that the actual name of the file will change depending upon what version of GLPI you have downloaded — be sure to use the correct file name. Query OK1 row affected gelpdesk. I have used GLPI for asset management and case support management. Now start using GLPI asset management system by navigating to http: Troubleshoot Confidently—Find Solutions and Workarounds. This way, contributors can participate in the development of hlpi software by committing free and open source supplementary modules on GitHub.

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