Gore Vidal (–) was born Eugene Luther Vidal, later adopting the surname of his grandfather, Senator Thomas Gore, as his first name. Well known as a. MESSIAH: A Novel. [Gore. Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Messiah [Gore Vidal, Elizabeth A. Lynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I found this book to be a great statement on human weakness and a call to embrace life as it presents itself. It’s silly at times, not surprisingly, but messian also a useful reminder that at the beginning of the world’s great religions, there were only a handful of disciples and the word of a strange prophet.

Messiah by Gore Vidal

I like how Vidal is able to be eloquent and subtle, even when he is describing a dystopian future of sorts. Things really start to get out of hand, however, when the notion of mezsiah death” creeps into the doctrine and the world’s population is invited to depart from life in “pleasant establishments”. As a sci-fi novel and as a philosophical novel about the way we should face death and embrace the brevity of life “Messiah” is an unexpected find, a small gem of a book.

Does fatigue overwhelm the unatoned? Jun 08, Adrianna rated it it was amazing. Gore Vidal believed in UFOs no more than he believed in the portents of the ancients.

Gore Vidal’s “Messiah” | Rennyo01’s Blog

This, at least, is how I read the text when I was sixteen. It grows all over the world and even overtakes the big three religions in its followers and adherents.

I didn’t expect this to be a partially dystopian novel but, gofe it turns out, the solid structural logic of how the events unfold made it a rather depressing read at times, simply because it rang so true.

A fascinating and terrifying short novel about the rise and eventual takeover of a dangerous cult, though the narrative itself reads more as a minor character study of a handful cidal individuals who sell the world on the glory of death.

InGore Vidal pretty much had figured out what TV would do, and it’s still doing it. Jan 07, Fede rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, the problem is: Also, a woman Cavist leader named Messsiah, whom he had known, becomes a new manifestation of the ancient Mother Messia — which had earlier been manifested in The Virgin Mary and before that in Isis and others.


Messiah by Gore Vidal. Interesting story about how religions can form. He’s this kind of guy who intrigues others. There’s an oddly appealing drawing-room comedy air to much of the discussion, as the protagonist is a well-born, well-educated, well-off man who makes good company at luncheon parties.

Vidal was not the vkdal to make most of the points he wants to make about society and religion, and he definitely wasn’t the last. I read on, waiting for some clarification.

Does it not negate the life affirming Christianity born of the Enlightenment and in its vifal transcend to a new form of death affirming Christianity? I never found it. In this book he keeps the pages turning in that classic novel way that someone like King has so mastered — but at the same time he ALSO manages to give us a great deal of information and knowledge in regards to not only history which Vidal loved but also manages toin his classic unapologetic way, give us a good amount of preaching as to why he feels so much organized religion and conformity in general is unbelievably dangerous.

It is true that we do not know why humans are so messsiah to superstition, but its reality and evil consequences are everywhere seen. Maybe because I kept recalling the image of Vida himself poolside at the Bangkok Oriental where we both happened to be staying for a few days in the late ’90s.

A tightly-knit organization, operating as a marketing company, soon forms around John Cave. This is Eugene Luther, who in an obvious reflection of his ecclesiastical counterpart, speaks out against the new suicide cult.

Gore Vidal and the UFOs

Sep 04, Tina rated it it was amazing. Kron rated it it was amazing Shelves: Book ratings by Goodreads.

Description Gore Vidal’s satirical fantasy, with a new introduction by the author. Cave teaches, among other things, not to fear death and to actually desire it under certain circumstances. Looking for beautiful books? He eventually discovers that his name was removed from the Cavist Scriptures which he had himself composed. He is also in love with Iris, Cave’s equivalent of Mdssiah Magdalene and one of the first-ranking members of the Church. Well, apparently, Vidal had little to hide as opposed to, seemingly, everyone in Washington D.


Apr 01, Bruce rated it liked it. Jun 12, Darren rated it it was amazing.

When the last superstitions are thrown out and we meet death with the same equanimity as life. I suspect that you do not appreciate the novel because your knowledge of early Christianity is deficient.

Aided by a relentless public-relations campaign and supported by a “theology” whipped into existence by a historian besotted with love for one of Cave’s alluring di When John Cave, a mortician by trade, appears on television to declare that death is infinitely preferable to life, he sparks a religious movement that quickly leaves Christianity and most of Islam in the dust. I think I would have liked to see a more robust novel in place of this trim treatise, with extended backstories of our key players, though they are still reasonably fleshed out and with the possible exception of our narrator-protagonistall pretty detestable in A fascinating and terrifying short novel about the rise and eventual takeover of a dangerous cult, though the narrative itself reads more as a minor character study of a handful of individuals who sell the world on the glory of death.

Vidal ran for political office twi Eugene Luther Gore Vidal was an American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays. Sep 25, Bethia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sadly, it’s nowhere near as emotionally compelling as its subject matter would lead you to believe it would be.

Eugene Luther’s unwitting and significant role as one of the founding Cavites begins with a writing assignment and dogs him throughout his life as he witnesses the ushering in of the Cavite era which ultimately invades every world government. TV and other mass media are the means used by the cavites to promote their religion.

But really, the best thing about this book is the realization that comes to Luther as he comes to understand his real role vis-a-vis John Cave; sadly it’s at the end so I can’t really spill it. Eugene Luther, incidentally, being Vidal’s own unused other forenames.

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