Simple helloworld example using remoting. Contribute to graniteds-tutorials/ graniteds-tutorial-helloworld development by creating an account on GitHub. Could you try renaming temporarily your.m2 so we can make sure that this is not just an issue with your local repository? are there. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent. als» tutorial-parentLGPL. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent POM. Last Release on Aug 29,

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Now that we got the basics working, we can improve this a little. To make things easier, I’m going to use a Maven archetype Maven 3 recommended:. Any help on how to resolve this will be really appreciated.

It uses the very nice flexmojos plugin to build the Flex application with Maven. New and deleted authors are not propagated automatically, we have to handle these two cases manually. Fortunately with GraniteDS 2. AuthorService; [Bindable] public var authors: I am trying tugorial port my application with the GraniteDS 2.

The error message is handled by our fault handler and displayed as an alert. Could not resolve dependencies for project org. Fine, the list is now correctly refreshed with new and deleted authors, but you will notice that new authors are added twice on the current user application.

flex – graniteds-tutorial-data using GraniteDS error – Stack Overflow

You can also have a look at the Flex mxml code of the example application generated by the archetype, but for now I will start from scratch. Whatever is the client and server frameworks you graniiteds your application with, you can be sure to leverage the most advanced features of each of them: GraniteDS detects automatically most of the Spring configuration at startup and configures itself accordingly, so these 10 lines of XML are generally enough for most projects.


As a tutotial point you can simply build the project and run it with the Granitsds jetty plugin: This is the log after I made the change you suggested. Once again we use the handy Flex 4 states to display the login form or the application, and bind the current state to the Tide Identity component loggedIn property that represents the current authentication state.

It’s definitely nicer, but it would be even better if we didn’t have to call the server at all to check for text size. Indeed we add it from both the data observer and the result handler. Basically it replaces the traditional Flex static services-config.

Enterprise RIA with Spring 3, Flex 4 and GraniteDS

And as the injection in the client now uses the interface name, we don’t have to give a name to the Spring service any more:. This can be useful with frequently updated data, so every user has an up-to-date view without having to click on some ‘Refresh’ button.

Now the Flex application: The important thing is that the Flex and Java parts do not contain useless or redundant code and are thus a lot easier to maintain.

This is mainly a problem of Flex 4 bidirectional binding because it propagates all changes immediately but it is not able to rollback these changes. It’s a bit tedious to handle this in each and every fault handler, so you can define a custom exception handler that will globally intercept such security errors that always have a faultCode ‘Server.

I run the following command for the example graniteds-tutorial-data in the GraniteDS 3.

Maven Repository: als » tutorial-parent-client-javafx » GA

With GraniteDS, you can develop applications for almost any kind of target devices: ArrayCollection; private function findAllAuthors: GraniteDS is based on a cleanroom implementation of the AMF3 remoting and messaging protocols, and has been historically the first open source implementation of the AMF3 protocol in Java. On the Flex side, we can use an editable List note that there is no built-in editable Spark List in Flex 4, so we use a custom ItemRenderer inspired from this blog postsee the full sources attachedand add this:.


We have to start somewhere, and the first step is to create the Spring application. Another interesting thing is that the Flex mxml now looks like a Spring bean, making very easy for Spring developers to get started with Flex.

Post as a guest Name. Comprehensive Whatever is the client and server frameworks you develop your application with, you can be sure to ganiteds the most advanced features of each of them: Author” ]public function persistAuthorHandler author: Could not transfer artifact com.

We would have three options to fix it: Download A Buyer’s Guide to Application and Data Integrationyour one-stop-shop for research, checklists, and explanations for an application and data integration solution.

GraniteDS is used in granitedz applications by thousands of companies of all sizes yutorial provides responsive professional support and on-demand consulting.

All is good, but anyone can modify anything on our ultra critical book database, so it’s time to add a bit of security. As a starting point you can simply build the project and run it with the Maven jetty plugin:.

Flex AMF remoting to Spring services. This level of integration cannot be achieved with a server-only framework.