Hairstyles of the Damned is the third novel by Chicago author Joe Meno. Released by Punk Planet Books in , it has sold over 80, copies in ten printings. I enjoyed Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno very much. I would have enjoyed it more with a serif font. Perhaps I am being shallow, but I. Meno (How the Hula Girl Sings) gives his proverbial coming-of-age tale a punk- rock edge, as year-old Chicagoan Brian Oswald tries to.

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You won’t regret a moment of the journey. Also, well, also Gretchen wasn’t hhairstyles most feminine girl in the world, sincerely. Want to Read saving…. It is this simple contradiction that makes Meno’s portrait of adolescence so convincing: Then twenty-three chapters later we get another chapter one, so the book seems to start three times.

Earlier this year, I decided to stop buying books.

Hairstyles of the Damned – Wikipedia

Aug 18, jo. Plus, worse, the writing isn’t great; it mostly feels pretty amateurish. Discover what to read next. For some reason in books the very thing that makes me love people who have the same interior deformities as I do gets flipped on its hairstules and makes me all judgypants and resentful.

Why yes, he says, as a certain amount of you now roll your eyes, this is one of those “indie-rock novels” that have become so popular among a certain crowd since the mid-’90s or so, which you should be prepared for before starting; that if you disdain breathless exclamations about how a punk show can singlehandedly and permanently change a person’s life, you need to stay the hell away from Hairstyles and do it fast.


Brian spends the first half of the book trying to build up enough courage to ask Gretchen out.

‘Hairstyles of the Damned’ Puts Punk on the Page

There is band name dropping galore throughout all pages, and someone who was more into the punk or metal scene in the early 90’s would appreciate it more than I did. Punk Planet Books Paperback: Written as a first-person narrative, the novel keno Brian to life by making full use of those meon expletives and sexual jokes that high school boys love so much.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World. Heartbroken, Brian shaves his head as an act of mourning and becomes friends with Gretchen again, who was also dumped by Tony Degan. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Read the rest in the October issue of decomP.

He runs a gamut lf confused and disenfranchised to insightful and self-confident. Take what you can get.

At first he’s a sort of needy and whiny character who is in love with his best friend, but as time passes in his harsh high school he must learn to be tough and act like a punk. Sounds just like high school to me. His gabby, heartfelt, and utterly believable take on adolescence strikes a winning chord. Brian kisses a girl at the party but later ditches her in favor leaving the party with Gretchen when the cops come.

Brian is very much a typical adolescent boy, trying to fit in and trying to stand out at the same time. It has exactly that raw, emotive force that it needs to bring Brian to life and ends up being about more than just the events inside without getting pretentious. There was the time Gretchen broke Amy Schaffer’s arm at a Holloween party — you know, when Amy Schaffer had rolled her eyes at Gretchen’s costume, when she came as JFK post-assassination, with the black suit and blood and bullet holes, and Lf Schaffer said, “You really do look like a man,” and Gretchen just turned and grabbed Amy Schaffer’s arm and twisted it so hard behind her back that Amy Schaffer’s school drama days were ended right there, just like that, so that poor Amy Schaffer had to go around for the next two years milking sympathy, like a fing martyr wearing her air-cast everywhere, long after it could have possibly been needed for anything recuperative.


I really loved it! Typical haifstyles drama reigns: Showing of 58 reviews.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I loved that it took place in Chicago and all the music references.

I thought that it was an okay book. And yet I was left disappointed by this one. It covers everything from developing a taste in music of your own to being in love with a best friend that you can’t confess your love to. This character is just voiced so well, it really makes the hhairstyles for me.