Three meta-functions of language are identified by M. A. K. Halliday in Systemic Functional. Linguistics, i.e. the ideational function, the interpersonal function and . The experiential metafunction construes meaning as distinct, yet related parts of a whole (typically labelled ‘constituency’; cf. Halliday 63). An experiential. should be highlighted at the discourse level. This study attempts to explore Halliday’s SFL, transitivity and metafunctions in terms of their implied social, semantic.

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Hallidayvolume 1. I am the captain of my soul Identified Relational process Identifier Mental Process I thank whatever Gods may be for my unconquerable soul Senser Mental process Phenomenon Circumstance of cause This sentence categorized as a mental process because the Gods is categorized as abstract and it relates to what have been categorize as a feeling, thinking, and perceiving situation.

Metafunctions | Centre for Multimodal Communication

The Grammar of Visual Design. For instance, are key-words used? The results of the study showed how this poem can be analyzed, the perspective of the readers, and the strong characterization of the main role in the poem to make readers understand the utterances in this poem. After the analyze section, the writer assumes the readers will have a deep knowledge of the participant is, what the mental processes, and the circumstance features in the poem.


The term encompasses all of the grammatical systems responsible for managing the flow of discourse. The expansion of the Firthian approach influence Halliday to focused on it.

In his youth he suffered from tuberculosis of the bone. Halliday argues that the concept of metafunction is one of a small set of principles that are necessary to explain how language works; this concept of function in language is necessary to explain the organisation of the semantic system of language.

However it will be focus to analyze the last line of the fourth stanza: I declare that in my assignment: In other words, it functions as …the mediator of role, including all that may be understood by the expression of our own personalities and personal feelings on the one hand, and forms of interaction and social interplay with other participants in the communication situation on the other hand Halliday And when looking at modes separately, you may find that some develop the ideational metafunction more than others, and others the interpersonal.


The ideational function is language concerned with building and maintaining a theory of experience.

The identifying type identifies something is exactly as same as another thing. The fourth one is in the fourth stanza, third line: Each sentence of the text was organized by the speaker so as to convey the message he wanted at that juncture, and the total effect was what we recognize as discourse.

My head Is bloody, but unbowed Identified Relational process Identifier Circumstance of manner This sentence is the identifying type of relational process which explains an identified is as same as identifier. This metafunction concerns with things, events or happenings and also the circumstances which include to the element of happenings.

Collected Works of M. Magritte and the Logical Metafunction. Systemic functional linguistics is functional and semantic rather than formal and syntactic in its orientation.

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Since the data used metafunctipns the study were words taken from poem, this study employed qualitative method. It makes the readers evaluate the action or events in the text, also the readers can take role as the participants in the text.

This metafunction mostly influenced metfaunctions the mode of discourse. The textual metafunction …is the component that enables the speaker to organize what he is saying in such a way that it makes sense in the context and fulfils its function as a message Halliday This identifier and the identified are show each other relation. The interpersonal function refers to the grammatical choices that enable speakers to enact their complex and diverse interpersonal relations.


Then I thought, but what about the visual?

Analysis of Invictus : Halliday’s Metafunction | Fina Kamilah –

The rest two sentences has the same type with the third sentence. The ideational function is further divided into the experiential and logical.

Asher ed Encyclopedia of Language and LinguisticsVol 8. Log In Sign Up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Invictus is written in but Henley did not publish this poem until in a collection entitled Echoes. For this reason, he puts the experiential and logical functions together into the ideational function. There are just nominal groups. Help Center Find new research papers in: How are the readers led to metafnctions a particular interpretative stance in the text?

There are ideational metafunction, interpersonal metafunction and textual metafunction.

Aspects of language as social semiotic. Halliday invented his grammar approach not only to deal with describing language but also has function for other forms of meaning.

According to Ruqaiya Hasanthe metafunctions in SFL “are not hierarchised; they have equal status, and each is manifested in every act of language use: When analyzing a text using interpersonal metafunction, these questions might become a help: Textual meaning is not realized by constituency or by prosodic structure: In communication with others, there are three different uses of language, the metafunctins one is to exchange knowledge or information, the second one is to exchange actions, services or goods, and the last one is to establish and maintain relation.

London and New York: Relational Process Relational processes are processes of being something. Reprinted in full in Halliday, M.

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