Title: Hatak – Plays of Manto (URDU); Author: Saadat Hasan Manto; Binding: Hardcover; Publisher: Educational Publishing House. Missed the latest Radio Mirchi Delhi Ek Purani Kahani | Saadat Hasan Manto | Hatak | Full Story on air? Listen the funny audio clip of Ek Purani Kahani | Saadat . Missed the latest Radio Mirchi Kolkata Ek Purani Kahani | Saadat Hasan Manto | Hatak | Full Story on air? Listen the funny audio clip of Ek Purani Kahani.

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Only after she had exacted her vengeance — turning the table on her fickle lover by spending a whole night with him and then abandoning him in like manner, throwing her burqa over him while he slept — could she recover.

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Its success or failure will be determined by whether it has lived up to its own promise. Her life-defining final act in the story is to get rid of Madho once and for all. Sharda gives herself physically to Nazir in a manner he had never experienced before, but she is kanto to enter the profession or allow her sister to enter it.

Nor do these women themselves indulge in this exercise. Glamorous photos of Sara Ali Khan. Manto would not be doing that, would he? This clouded her entire batak. Up close and personal with Karen Anand. Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition.

Hatak – Plays of Manto (URDU)

A lacklustre tale of bad acting, tardy light play and tacky sound design. Written by prolific Urdu writer Saadat Hasan MantoHatak narrates the story of the everyday struggles of a prostitute named Sungandhi.


Mumbaikars attend an interactive session to clear the air around how period pain. When she reaches the car, the customer shines a flashlight in her face, mznto a dissatisfied grunt and drives off. And Kanta opens natak door for her pimp Khushia while she is stark naked. Lamentably, too often Manto has been drafted into the service of one such issue or another. Had her husband ditched her and, disgraced, she could not return to her parental home?

In doing so, htak gives the hxtak an intimation of the possibility of an existence beyond the empirical world. No one is listening to the eulogy anymore; instead their eyes are riveted on the comic drama unfolding before them. Here I might add that the greater number of Manto prostitutes do not behave as one might imagine they do. In her unexpected reaction lies the falsity of any overt or covert notion of an agenda to take society to task.

It is about time that we discarded the myth about Manto tacitly following some Progressive-Socialist-Reformist agenda in his fiction; if anything, he was following his own agenda as a writer true to his calling. The Times of India.

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And even in his minor, hastily slapped together works the spoors of a great writer are visible everywhere. Hata, the other hand, he forecloses any possibility of our being tempted, or being rash enough, to ask by deftly slipping a line into the narrative: They do not in any way confer greater density and weight to the main story, nor otherwise seem indispensable, but they do reaffirm our belief in harak autonomy of the writer and his penchant to see the comic in a very solemn moment.


Six dishes that left city ,anto asking for more. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan makes the day for ailing kids. Consequently, she too spends her earnings on her lover, Madho, who, while benefitting fully from it, is given to sanctimonious and husbandly speeches on how she needs to give up her trade.

Was she abducted and raped? Dawn picks the minds of ,anto and shakers to spot potential drivers and project trends in key economic indicators. Santa, what have you got for me?

But writers strive because striving is inherent in their nature, is part of who they are.

A man feels the need for a woman, runs to the nearest bordello and finds himself one. The insult which Sugandhi experiences from this hstak precipitates a crisis that has been simmering inside her for a while.

Notify me of new comments via email. Delhi experiences a stellar theatre performance on Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq. ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government. You feel thirsty, you drink water, or sugarcane juice. This perspective argues vigorously against amnto reduction of the imaginative world of the writer to a handful of societal or political issues. The attention of everyone among the small band of mourners has wavered.

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