Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth headset. Part Number: HBH-DS General. Available Body Colors. black, silver, orange, gray. Packaged Quantity. 1 . Stereo bluetooth™ headset hbh-ds • Read online or download PDF • Sony Ericsson HBH-DS User Manual. The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth headset will not only stream your music but also enable you to receive calls. It also has a feature through which the .

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The price of this headset is around Fs970. The first profile makes the headset pair with only a single handset that will be used for all ways of sound transferring. Get in Touch with us Mobi Adda. Other distinctions include extremely quite sound volume of Sony Ericsson Mi, which is not enough in most cases. The full list of supported profiles: On the bright side, the lanyard length is adjustable and earpieces fit very well inside the ear.

It has great audio quality, lot of features and user friendly controls. The best thing about such solution is that you can listen to the music from your PC, and when somebody calls ds9970, playback will be paused and the caller will be put through. Year of Establishment But it has a great overall user experience.

Find more suppliers in Thane Headphone in Thane. hvh

There is no fast forward feature available in the DS On the top end, there is a power button and the volume rocker is located on the right side close to the switch which toggles between single and multi device modes. In sd970 however there are obvious differences between Symbian smartphones and ordinary devices in the sense of Bluetooth implementation.

The purchase of the DS headset is justified for using it with Walkman-branded products in the first place — in this case compatibility is topping out, while possible problems are few. Nowadays there are no products that could match the D in the sense of sound quality among small headsets, whereas some large devices produce the same quality of the sound. Earplug Earphone in Thane. What you get in the package?


The charger socket is placed on the body; the sales package includes a standard charger. The D will hang around your neck with a woven strap that is interlaced with a wire.

Also the headset can be paired with Sony Ericsson Ki but then you will encounter certain shortcomings missing track title for example. Headsets with first versions of firmware might sound quite on all devices without exception — should you stumble upon that, make sure you updated the firmware.

One of the head-phones retains the pick up key that doubles as redial button. Twin earpieces connect to lanyard using 2 short wires.

Tlačidlá a displej – Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 User Manual

The headset has turned out to be an interesting one and the lack of the significant competitors makes it worth buying. There are a lot of user friendly controls. To the interesting features of the device we can refer variety of available modes and also a special shortcut key point — point, point — number of points.

The manufacturer has included three rubber eartips sizes and hence I could get a bbh fit. Wired Earphone in Thane. The casing houses the dedicated music key playback, pausewhich allows starting up music playback outright either the last played track or the whole playlist.

Mobile Earphone in Thane. The headset has something in common with the latest models of Walkman MP3-players – the design concepts are somewhat similar.

If you listen to the music and somebody phones you, the playback stops and you hear the ring tone. After the call the playback continues automatically. Running a few steps forward, I should notice that the sound quality provided by dss970 earphones is one bbh best for such headsets, the sound is penetrating, basses are well audible not for all devices.


You can get over that by switching ds97 track.

All you need to do is plug in the pin and wait for about 2 hours, which is full recharging time for the DS Judging the headphones alone, we can rightfully say they live up to the Walkman brand on them. Have something to add?! Battery status, indicated on the screen, works pretty bad: If you are hesitating over purchasing the DS, check the efficiency of the headset with your handset. This is a welcome change and would be welcome by people who love playing music on their mobile phones.

Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. On the flip side, this device has an around the neck style of wearing which some might find clunky. The Walkman-branded products, though, support it without any limitations.

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS User Manual | 64 pages

A good thing about the DS is adjustable length of the strap, so that you may increase or decrease the distance to the head-phones.

Also, the call handling button is located below left earpiece which is an awkward position. But the sound quality of the similar non-removable headphones is worse.

Sony Ericsson M and Sony Ericsson Wi make a perfect track-titles transferring to the display, whereas Sony Ericsson Ki refuses to do that at all only the playback icon appears on the display.