Heatcraft Refrigeration product brochures, technical handbooks and installation Sales Brochures · Catalogs & Price Lists · Installation and Operations Manuals . Title: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Length: pages, Page: 1. Title: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Length: 12 pages, Page.

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Heatcraft fans and fan blades keep your refrigerator and freezer motors from overheating to prevent the appliances from malfunctioning. Heatcraft Equipment Replacement Parts Purchase Heatcraft Appliances and Parts for Your Bar or Restaurant Heatcraft is a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry, and their products are used in over 70 countries around the world. Wide range up to 1, kW, optimized head loss.

If the noise level is very different, then select a model from the other tables. The reduced size of the heat-exchanger also enables fast defrosting.

Fully equipped unit coolers DM Expansion valve fitted. The height-adjustable leg supports enable floor mounting of the unit KMS option. In addition, the reduced charge refrigerant ensures a reduced costs. Female to receive a tube of the same diameter.


Heatcraft Refrigeration Products | Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration

Over the years cayalogue have expanded our selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment to include healthcare, educational, and hotel supplies. Energy consumption reduced High power density. PR3 External connection valves 1 delivery, 3 suction, 3 liquid.

Evacuation of condensation on left or right side. High speed during the charging phase requiring high capacity. PR2 External connection valves 1 delivery, 2 suction, 2 liquid. Only the spectrum of sound power and the LwA value are contractually binding. Sturdiness High thermal neatcraft low and high temperatures and mechanical shock resistance. LIQ Liquid line with dryer filter, hygroscopic indicator and operating valve.

Aesthetics The TA unit blends easily into its surroundings thanks to the casing with integrated fan guard. The external aluminium drain pan may be easily removed.

Refrigeration Innovation

Catapogue Single liquid dryer by-pass 1 filter during operation. C commercial unit cooler capacity from 1 to 6 kW SKB Once the casing elements have been removed side, front and rear panels for the size TBthe unit structure is self-supporting thus simplifying any work on the unit refer to illustration at top of page.


CMU Motor factory wired. BP1 Additional LP pressure switch. Factory provided as ceiling-mounted model.

This type of fin limits dehydration of products. ECB Full crate packaging. Defrost HGB Hot gas coils. To define a cattalogue, the application conditions and the selection conditions must be harmonized.

ALF Height-adjustable refrigerant level alarm with float. Foresee a crane for handling units over 6m. Various ventilation solutions offered allowing significantly reduce noise level as low as 19 dB A at 10m per module. According to the professional regulations concerning: T Axial fans 12 mm NW BDR Condensate drip tray under suction collectors. System head loss taken into account, percentage of glycol,… please contact us for details.

Tous les prix sont des prix publics Reduced sound Natural fluids: Additional options In addition to the standard elements proposed above, other elements are also available: Protection of components and persons in case of adverse weather conditions.