designs and builds automated hydraulic drilling rig and equipment solutions: Herrenknecht Vertical’s project-specific hydraulic rigs and components are. Visit our headquarters in Germany or contact us via email, phone or fax. A full range of dedicated services along the entire product lifecycle ensures a.

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In the search for new oil and gas deposits as well as geothermally interesting strata, hard-to-reach areas and great depths are increasingly being verticla. Cooling can also be achieved in summer using the same principle.

Our automated drilling technology enables contractors and operators to work safer, faster and more cost efficiently. Early contractor-rig manufacturer cooperation makes a project significantly more successful. Roughly two-thirds of the 5, [1] employees work at the company headquarters in the installation of hydraulic and electronic components is carried out as well as final inspection.

Herrenknecht Group Herrenknecht Vertical is part of the Herrenknecht Group, the technology and market leader in mechanized tunnelling systems.


We offer our expertise when it comes to upgrades of existing conventional rigs. Specifically tailored training schedules may include:. Our technology allows drilling operations in sensitive and harsh environments, while adhering to all applicable environmental and safety standards — thanks to application-specific adapted rig solutions.

Soft ground Heterogeneous ground Rock. Mobile Vertical Drilling Rigs Still got questions? SDD-Rig up to 2, m.

Our subsidiary Herrenknecht Vertical’s deep drilling rigs are equipped with many technical innovations in the area of hydraulics and enable safe and efficient sinking of boreholes down to depths of 8, meters.

Der Bezwinger des Gotthards”. At the same time, their high degree of automation offers very safe working conditions for the drilling crew.

  ASTM D2697 PDF


For this herrenkmecht, Herrenknecht Vertical works closely with the customer already in the development of new business cases. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Worldwide at any time. Mobile Vertical Drilling Rigs in operation Mobile vertical drilling rigs from Herrenknecht can drill down to meters in order to efficiently explore shallow geothermal energy. Deep Drilling Rigs – t. Contact us to discuss your specific rig modernization or upgrade requirements.

We are meeting this challenge with innovative onshore and offshore drilling technology — so that the ambitious development of future energy sources veftical efficient. Herrenknecht Vertical is a German manufacturer of onshore and offshore drilling rigs and equipment. Our service portfolio ranges from feasibility studies and customized engineering over dedicated project management during manufacturing and equipment testing, to customized training programs, and to hedrenknecht and operational support as well as rig upgrades.

Exploration – Development of Energy Deposits

Martin Herrenknecht established the Martin Herrenknecht engineering company in At the same time, the rig’s dimensions have been kept as small as possible.

Pioneering drilling technology for onshore and offshore drilling Innovative herrenknecht technology from Herrenknecht Vertical enables the economic exploration of energy deposits at great depths — whether in hard-to-reach regions, in close proximity to inhabited areas or in the deep sea.

Herrenknecht Vertical is part of the Herrenknecht Group, the technology and market leader in mechanized tunnelling systems. The company contains 82 subsidiaries around the world and has worked on 2, projects. Our service team comprises technical professionals from all relevant disciplines and includes mechanics, electricians and hydraulic and PLC specialists. Retrieved from ” https: The company works with the mining, transport and energy sectors. The quality of the materials and workmanship always fulfill the highest requirements.

Approximately work at three different locations across China. These are used to test and commission rigs and equipment before going into the field, and to inspect equipment for wear and damage after operations. From planning to design, to construction and operation, Herrenknecht supplies the entire technology from one single source and is there for the customer as a project consultant at all times.


Exploration Drilling technology for Exploration Innovative drilling technology Product portfolio Exploration Still got questions? Soft ground Heterogeneous ground Rock. Heavy equipment Geotechnical engineering.

Drilling technology for exploration. Mobile Vertical Drilling Rigs Flexible machines for exploring near-surface energy sources. Exploration Securing the energy supply of the future. Your contact person Contact us. We team up with established industry partners to work out safe, reliable and cost-efficient solutions based on broad experience and the latest technology. Herrenknecht Vertical onshore rigs are operating successfully in Europe, Asia and Latin America, in geothermal wells as well as in oil and gas applications.

The rig is controlled completely electrohydraulically. In vegtical company reported a record level of orders at 1.

At this time, the name was also changed to its current form. Geothermal energy is the energy that is stored in the Earth in the form of heat beneath the Earth’s crust, which can be exploited using geothermal probes and heat pumps. Our efficient drilling technology makes new energy deposits economical. All advantages at a glance: This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Your contact person Contact us.

Highly experienced professionals from the Herrenknecht Vertical team support our customers during the operation of our deep drilling rigs.