THE subject of the Inspiration of the Bible is one which has been much . to our own Charles Hodge and Henry B. Smith, the one of whom asserts that the Bible. Archibald Hodge and Benjamin Warfield published this article together in The Presbyterian Review 6 (April ). It quickly drew notice for its scholarly and. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B.B. Warfield.

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Why Does God Allow Evil?: No mark of the effect of this human element therefore โ€” in style of thought or wording โ€” can be urged against inspiration, unless it can be shown to result in untruth.

Inspiration by Archibald Hodge, Benjamin B Warfield, Roger R Nicole ยท

Fisher himself, President Bartlett has lately so fully shown in detail 13 that we cannot bring ourselves to repeat the oft-told tale here. They are written in human languages, whose words, inflections, constructions, and idioms bear everywhere indelible traces of human error.

It states, indeed, a truth: BB Warfield is a leader conservative in this ongoing debate. What Luke says is, that Christ was born during the progress of a census; and then defines the census as the first which was carried on when Cyrenius was governor of Syria. But the illustration is good simply to show that as a matter of fact, God does prompt from within the spontaneous activities of His intelligent creatures, leading them by unerring means to ends imperfectly discerned by themselves; and that this activity of God, as in instinct or otherwise, does not in anywise reveal itself, either in consciousness, or in the character of the action to which it prompts, as interfering with the personal attributes or the free rational activities of the creature.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This has been from the first the general faith of the historical Church, and of the Bible-loving, spiritual people of God. The possibility of supernatural interference, and the actual occurrence of that interference in the origin of our Bible; and, 2.

These claims are a universal and inseparable characteristic of every part of Scripture. But, so long as the principles of historico-grammatical exegesis are relied on to determine the meaning of Scripture, it is impossible to escape the fact that the Bible claims to be thus inspired.

We may either 1 understand the words as a very free paraphrase of Zech. A proved error in Scripture contradicts not only our doctrine, but the Scripture claims, and, therefore, its inspiration in making those claims. The record itself furnishes evidence that the writers were in large measure dependent for their knowledge upon sources and methods in themselves fallible; and that their personal knowledge and judgments were in many matters hesitating and defective, or even wrong.


Inspiration – B.B. Warfield, A.A. Hodge – Google Books

Any careful examination of the passages involved will prove not only that they are not inconsistent, but rather mutually supplementary accounts; 16 but also that they actually imply one another, and prove the truth of each other by a series of striking undesigned coincidences.

We do not assert that the common text, but only that the original autographic text was inspired. Nazareth was their old home. Also, in his essay in the 4 views on moving from the Bible to Theology which happens to be on sale on kindle right now! Who then shall determine the limit of that preserving influence? Taking these examples as samples and they are certainly fair samplesit is as clear as daylight that no single case has as yet been adduced where disharmony is a necessary conclusion.

The greatest reliance is, however, placed on the third case adduced โ€” the statement of Luke that Jesus was born at the time of a world enrolment, which was carried out in Syria during the governorship of Cyrenius.

It is asked again: Incredible pressure of the detailed language of both Galatians and Acts be indulged in. Annunciation to the shepherds the same day ; 9. Every element of Scripture, whether doctrine or history, of which God has guaranteed the infallibility, must be infallible in its verbal expression.

This last element is what we call Inspiration. It is a question also of infinite importance. Other arrangements are also possible, e. Besides this, the Scriptures are a record of divine revelations, and, as such, consist of words, and as far as the record is inspired at all, and as far warifeld it is in any element infallible, its inspiration must reach to its words. In the face of so many possible harmonizations, it certainly cannot be asserted inspirayion harmony is impossible.

Leithart incompletely reformed thoughts on God, ministry, and life. Here also, however, most of the objections urged prove nothing but a radical lack of inspidation thinking on the part of those who bring them. These are but samples. We believe that the great majority of those who object to the affirmation that Inspiration is verbal, are impelled thereto by a feeling, more or less definite, that the phrase warfiield that Inspiration is, in its essence, a process of verbal dictation, or that, at least in some way, the revelation of the thought, or the inspiration of the writer, was by means of the control which God exercised over his words.

We are not absurdly attempting to draw a parallel between natural instinct and supernatural inspiration.

The Question of Canon: It is not to be denied that such phenomena are asserted to be discoverable in the Scriptures. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.


Hence, in all the affirmations of Scripture of every kind, there is no more error in the words of the original autographs than in the thoughts they were chosen to express. And thus, it is not a rare thing to find the very theologians who themselves cannot believe in a strict inspiration, yet admitting that the Scripture writers believed in it. So also Richard Rothe: In dealing with sceptics it is not proper to begin with the evidence which immediately establishes Inspiration, but we should first establish Theism, then the historical credibility of the Scriptures, and then the divine origin of Christianity.

Although composed by different human authors on various subjects and occasions, under all possible varieties of providential conditions in two languages, through sixteen centuries of time, yet they evidently constitute one system, all their parts minutely correlated, the whole unfolding a single purpose, and thus giving indubitable evidence of the controlling presence of a divine intelligence from first to last.

The third sets aside a vast multitude, drawn from pressure of language, misreading of figures, resurrection of the primary sense of idioms, etc.


Every statement accurately corresponds to truth just as far forth as affirmed. Warfie,d governs all His creatures and all their actions, working in men even to will, and spontaneously to do His good pleasure. Annunciation to Joseph; C. In the meantime the present writers, while they admit freely that the traditional belief as to the dates and origin of the several books may be brought into question without involving any doubt as to their inspiration, yet confidently affirm that any theories of the origin or authorship of any book of either Testament which ascribe to them a purely naturalistic genesis, or dates or hodgr inconsistent with either their own natural waarfield or the assertions of other Scripture, are plainly inconsistent with the doctrine of Inspiration taught by the Church.

Is the assertion capable of being supported by facts?

But when we begin to examine the instances brought forward in support of it, they hodgs found to be cases of difficult, not of impossible, harmony. The question as to whether the elements of Scripture relating to the course of nature and to the events of history are without error, will be considered below; it is sufficient to say under the present head, that it is self-evident that, just as far as the thoughts of Scripture, relating to any element or topic whatsoever, are inspired, the words in which those thoughts are expressed must be inspired also.

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