The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intimacy, they are unrivaled in all of Scripture. How to Read the Psalms has ratings and 31 reviews. The Psalms possess an enduring fascination for us. For frankness, directness, intensity and intima. No wonder Christians have used the Psalms in worship from the earliest times to the How to Read the Psalms () by Tremper Longman III.

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How to Read the Psalms by Tremper Longman III

To prevent any lost fhe, however, Longman blends explanation of the technique with real examples from the Psalms for illustrative purposes. When God hears your prayer, don’t forget to thank him for his kindness. He gives readers the basic insights into genre, structure, and imagery within the psalms. Yet the Psalms cause us difficulties when we look at them closely.

It is, of course, not a fault of commentaries and academic exegetical works that they, sometimes, do not promote this emotional and life changing aspect, but one can be grateful to Longman for exposing his readers to it.

In the introduction, the author states the purpose lonyman the book which is “to deepen our love for the Lord by increasing our understanding of this important portion of His Word.

The one thing that I think all readers are longing for as they go through the book is this type of demonstration. Somehow the psalmists seem to have anticipated all our awe, desires and frustrations. Longman examines various types of parallelism and explains how they each function in a particular psalm.

Like for instance in chapter 11 where Walter Brueggemann’s three category division of the psalms is introduced: Great book for anyone trying to understand the massive rexd of Psalms. A very helpful book about the Psalms. This is a helpful little introduction the the psalms and how to better read them. The three example Psalm commentaries in the latter half are a nice touch. His discussion of Hebrew parallelism provides the best evidence of this point, but by means of the whole work he demonstrates his ability to aptly communicate difficult subjects with simplicity and clarity.


One ohw the best parts of this book was the break down of how one can see Jesus Christ throughout the entire book of Psalms and the break down of the syntax and what that means in the context of the different types of Psalms. This book contains far more information than the pages could suggest.

Wendland Snippet view – In the preface he states that the book is intended for the average layreader and yet also could be used in a seminary class.

This potent paperback has my highest recommendations. Mar 26, Curt Mize rated it it was amazing.

How to Read the Psalms

Above all, go to the psalms to be honest with God. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It was very gratifying to feel hos I was acquiring new skills in how to study the scripture.

Recalling Calvin’s words that the Psalms are “an anatomy of all the parts of the soul,” Longman urges us to read the Psalms, because they “appeal to the whole person. The psalmist world is in order.

Tremper Longman gives us the kind of help we need to overcome the distance between the psalmists’ world and ours. Chapter four, on the other hand, focuses on “a Christian reading of the Psalms,” thoughtfully exploring how the Psalms relate to Jesus. As a text book it was very accessible, and I was eager to attempt the activities at the end of each chapter, which helped me to check my memory and understanding of what was being taught.

The Psalms Mirror of the Soul. Their poetry is unfamiliar in form. Good if you don’t have any experience with poetry as Longman goes over basic categories in longmaj poetry.


Selected pages Title Page. Answers to the Exercises. A good introduction to Psalms overview, structure, types, etc. Also included is a helpful guide to commentaries on the Psalms.

The Art of the Psalms. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Until now, this is the most helpful book on the psalms that I have come across.

The first is that we neglect a psalm’s original setting. Longman is a good teacher and writes well. We all love the psalms because we can identify with them and put ourselves in place of the writer. The book has a lot of exercises and is practical. Why are you so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning? A Christian Reading of the Psalms.

But they definitely end there, indeed all the longing and yearning that is contained in the Psalms is all meant to point to Christ, the end and realization of all longing and yearning.

Book Review: How To Read The Psalms by Tremper Longman III

Longman takes you on a journey from start to finish on how to interpret the Psalms, how to categorize them, how to understand their poetry and imagery and most importantly how to apply them to every part of our lives. It quite made me wish that I could understand Hebrew, to study the psalms in their original languages. So, Longman invites us to explore tl Psalms as a place in the Bible where we encounter God in a unique way and where our emotions are immediately engaged in responding to him Posted by Brian G.

Paperbackpages. Jun 10, Justin rated it liked it. Psalm 98, that is a hymn of praise.

Page 26 – My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?