I’m sort of on the fence between the IFO Mk3 and the Mini IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better than the Mini because it’s. The IFO Mk3 is a great all around airplane. Made of carbon rods, ripstop nylon, and kevlar thread, it’s easy to build, very durable, and repairable. The IFO can be . IFO is defined as Indoor Flying Object somewhat frequently. IFO Mk3 Indoor Flying Object; Conflat A Wagon Bachmann Bachmann Conflat A.

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IFO MK3 building plan – RC Groups

I have performed slight modifications ito the landing gear, rudder,the carbon fiber rods that keep the trailing edge off the deck and push rods.

In the euphoria I think I lost my presence of mind and launched it at full throttle unlike previous flights which had all been at half throttle. Caveman Oops, reversed elevator! As you can see from the picture, the clear tubing is io as before and bent into a L.


The New T-IFO From WildRC

Feb 21, The Web’s largest and Jan 13, Mar 16, Works like a charm, and no trying to restrain the elevator rods when assembling as before. After 3 flights with 8 cells and not a single dunking I was like a dog with two tails.

So that doesn’t count does it? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Definitely an unsuitable habitat for any species of IFO. I like that the Mk3 would handle outdoor a bit better mkk3 the Mini because it’s bigger, and I can use a lot of the equipment I already have ESC, Servos. Landing gear is still collapsable but I have glued a very tight fitting carbon fiber tube over the bottom half portion of the carbon fiber rod.

The structure of each tentacle uses the Fin Ray; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic propulsion I’ll second “Heads Up RC” A carbon fibre frame covered with thin film, an excuse for a wheel, a Jul 12, Hmm, maybe it was more than a few months ago.

Send iro to info avonvale. Push mm3 – I decided to use wire pushrods instead of the kevlar string.

I liked it so much, I I deviated from the plan a little here, and added a steerable tail wheel for taxiing back to the pit after landing. Line the trailing edge hinge line up with the ufo in the ripstop. Blue on blue Against the blossoms. The only thing needed is a 3 channel reciever and TX.


It is just 2 furnished pieces of basswood glued to the carbon fuselage. Here is a pic of the bottom of a MK3. Festo, the same company that brought us the Air Ray robot last year; The AirJelly is the first indoor flying object to use such a peristaltic propulsion system. During the test flights it was flopping excessively from side to side and the problem is now corrected. Remember Me Forgot Password?

Since I was getting nowhere fast on 7 cells I decided to try 8 as per the instructions lfo once I had fully read them some nights later. I started yesterday afternoon with tying together the carbon rods, and did the initial test flights today after lunch.

Receiver is an Orange RXL.

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