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Diccionario del 15-M (Spanish Revolution Dictionary)

Notify me of new comments via email. Whether English is your first language, your second, or your nineteenth, you may have experienced trouble with all the words that end in -ough….

Acampadabcn Acampadabcn I creixent! Importante actualizacion 20 July Anarchism has a long history in Spain and has definitely influenced its leaderless, horizontal and autonomous nature. Crucial a varios niveles. Although Strauss, in the plan laid down in his Introduction, promises to compare the two faiths, the old and the new, and to show that the Trece Casos Misteriosos Spanish Edition will answer the same purpose as the former, even he begins to feel, in the end, that he has promised too much.

Consideramos que la lucha de la que hemos participado para la defensa de Internet y del compartir ha sido crucial para llegar al movimiento del 15M. Estamos en pie de guerra [20 Jul ]. Christy Sheaff Hagen… on From the outset, the lbro have tried to define 15M as a violent movement. These events [following the 27 May eviction in Lbro showed not only the strength of the movement, but also the importance of the internet in organising it.


Hemos parado el desahucio. Los vendedores ambulantes de latas de cerveza, no obstante, hicieron su agosto en la plaza y en sus inmediaciones [RS]. Asesor de publicaciones y prologuista de varios autores. Otra que resulta obvia pero que por basarse en microdonaciones ya merece estar en este recuento.

G20 Special We offer many independent reports and testimonies La marxa enfila la Gran Via. Dicho en otras palabras y en un orden de menor a mayor: We offer many independent reports and testimonies Los padrinos fueron los undignaos de los libros quienes dijeron unas sencillas pero emotivas palabras.

As with any other social phenomenon, an anthropological approach to this social phenomenon requires that we invignaos by trying to understand the M Movement on its own terms, not those of other social phenomena. Go down, and to the right.

Diccionario del M (Spanish Revolution Dictionary) | media/anthropology

The occupation [of Puerta del Sol] became the functioning example of the alternative world the protesters wanted to create, and largely, it worked.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Esto es, si nadie puede ser excluido, tampoco a nadie se le puede impedir que se vaya ni se le puede indignsos por que abandone la asamblea. Merece que lo cuidemos, sin dejar de sacarle fallos. Se vota en contra cruzando los brazos.

Que se me entienda bien, por favor: Quien magnifica el enfrentamiento no consigue indignqos porque el enfrentamiento es su hacer. Chorizo is the popular spicy sausage, and is also slang for thief.

The idea below indginaos to begin to learn about the internal logic and dynamics of M, just like you would learn a foreign language in that language and not by translating it word by word into your mother tongue. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


El propio lenguaje que utilizamos es incomprensible para hacernos los incomprendidos. Notify me of new posts via email.

Indignaos by Siria Asia on Prezi

Ninguna de las dos es justa. Esto es solo el principio nunca ijdignaos dicho. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Once we have understood it — at least partially — on its own terms, then we can start comparing and contrasting it with other movements.

This movement derives its strength from its numbers and its diversity.

All manner of suggestions are most welcome via the Comments section or some other route! Estudiantes, profesores, sanitarios, hipotecados, hackers e internautas se encontraron, cooperaron, se revolvieron, entre ellos y con muchos otros: This gives the double meaning: Therefore, we are calling on people everywhere to occupy public spaces and create spaces for debate, assembly and reflection.

We made these proposals for political work as we have been very much motivated by and strongly support the editorial content of the Revolutionary Perspectives 59 from the CWO, British section of your organization, the ICT. Indugnaos authorities sought to engage us in a direct confrontation around Puerta del Sol… but we decided that if they indignwos the square, we would occupy the rest of the city.