The single chip computer on the site runs the iPic web-server, the world’s tiniest implementation of a TCP/IP stack and a HTTP web-server. The TCP/IP stack and the webserver uses around 30 bytes of RAM. The code is written in C ideas that Miniweb uses: iPIC – A Match Head Sized Web Server. Additionally, tiny, inexpensive Web servers make the vision of a totally Shri said the iPic server has been online since the middle of July.

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To inspect the packets that are sent to and from Miniweb, run tcpdump -l -n -S -i tun0. Seriously, he says his father, S H Subrahmanian, a physics professor and his mother, Kokilamani who taught biology, had instilled in him from his childhood the ideals of tenacity. Serfer is your job function?

His discovery could become upic part of everyday life in homes across the world, he asserts. The previous title for the world’s smallest Web-server was held by a researcher at Stanford University. As an example, someone who is forgetful, or merely fretful while traveling, could drop into an Internet cafe anywhere to check on the oven back home — and turn it off as well.

Even though its software is less than half a kilobyte in size, the iPic is a fully functional web server that complies with international standards.

Traditionally, web servers have jpic microchips that are much larger, expensive and powerhungry than the iPic. Thanks for your registration, follow us on our social networks to keep up-to-date. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Wednesday, 11 August A. It also offers a detailed technical description of the device.


Fingernail-sized web server could spread net wider Wednesday, 11 August A. The code is written in C and constitutes around lines, comments removed.

IPic – A Match Head Sized Web-Server

His sister is attending a college in Bombay. The previous record for a serevr web server was held by Stanford University, who developed a server the size of a matchbox earlier this year. The total RAM usage varies between 24 and 28 bytes depending on the number of bytes used for serveg on the system for which Miniweb is compiled.

This means that all the electrical devices in your house would be able to communicate with each other, and could be controlled from a home computer. The checksum is computed when each byte is received and if the checksum is found to be incorrect when the entire packet has been received, the contents of the packet is not used for further processing. There are two variants of Miniweb, a stateless variant serer a statefull variant.

Each of the appliances we use in offices and homes has its own array of buttons and indicators, he points out. Number of lines of code and RAM usage in the stateless Miniweb. This connection will hang until the application in the other end sends data. He expects it to “eventually” be built into silicon, “and not remain just a software application”. Shri built the iPic as a hobby project in his spare time from parts he purchased from an ordinary electronics store.


All that’s needed is access via any Web-browser,” he says.

At that rate it should be able to serve about hits per hour. The World’s Smallest Server Previous: With the iPic, currently under development at the University of Massachusetts, a remote web-enabled computer is now smaller than a quarter, costs less than a dollar and gives practically any device or appliance a very inexpensive connection to a network.

It is connected to the Internet through a serial port. The chip is accessible through the internet herebut because the serial link is usually up servrr capacity, the files are also mirrored here. Conlon, The Lab The iPic web server could be used to connect all kinds of electrical devices to the internet. When sending the packets, only a few fields are updated and the checksums adjusted.

IPic – A Match Head Sized Web-Server | Make:

A Ph D candidate at the University of Massachusetts computer science department, Shrikumar built his Web-server, working in his spare time and using parts purchased at a local electronic store. What is your company size? Most eerily, once this is all set up, you do not need the computer to control the appliances — they can communicate with each srever through the power wiring and co-ordinate each other’s activities.

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