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IPC J-STDE, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies released, updated for all three classes of construction. Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies. IPC J-STD- E April Supersedes Revision D February IPC J-STDE April Supersedes Revision D February JOINT INDUSTRY STANDARD Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic.

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Often these termination styles are unique to a particular co mponent or are specially made for a limited j-sd of users. Equipment groundingprotection and temperature control testing should be per forrned when qua1i fying equipment for purchase andlor inspection of new or repaired equipmen t. End joint wldth 7.

For each intermediate bifurcated terminalthe wire passes j-stx the s lot and is in contact with the base of the terminal or a previollsly installed Wlre c. Standards allow manufacturerscustomersand suppliers to understand ane another better. Supervised on-the-job training is acceptable unti!

Training is provided to personnel with ass igned responsibilities in the development, implementation. Be completely cured and homogeneous b. Wetting is evidenl Note 4: Maximum contaminatlon limits are applicable for Sn Parts should be mounled such j-stx part markings and reference designators are visib le see 9.

No damaged strands for wires used at a potential for 6 kV or greater Note j-ste The thermal transfer plane acceptance criteria are design and process related.

BGA solder balls contact and wet to the land forming a continuous elliptical round or pillar connection.


J-STD-001E: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

The contour of the wires should not be obscured at the termination of the insulation b. Lead protrusion shall [ be in accordance with Table for supported ho les or Table for unsupported holes Connector leadsrelay leadstempered leads and leads greater than 1. Solder connections to components having cy lindrical end cap j-sd shall [] meet the dimensional and solder fillet requirements of Table and Figure for each product classification Table Feature Maximum Side Overhang End Overhang Minimum End Joi nt Width.

Side joint length 2. See Note 4, Table 8. Records co ntain ing the resu! End jolnt width 6. The items cleaned sha ll [] be capablc of j-stc the cleanliness requirement as specified herein see 8.

Solder does not louch componenl body. Solder fillel may exlend through the top bend. Plane Void Criteria Note 6 Note1: Solder does nol touch package body or end seal. These soldcr connections are acceptable Wetting ca nnot always be judged by surface appearance.

Just include spec 001s A wire that is wrapped more than and crosses over itselti. AIJ leads shall [] have stress relief when the component is clip or adhesive mounted or otherwise constrained. Wires will be used in crimp terminations b.

It is the responsibi Ji ty of the manufacturer see 1. If lhe k-std of a de fecl cannot be determined at the inspection power, the item is acceptable. J 2 Heat Shrinkable Soldering Devices Disturbed solder connections C. If present on ends, toe curl should not exceed two times lhe thickness of the lead 7.


Does not violale minimum electrical clearance Note 2: Side joint length, end overlap 6. A c urvature shall [DID2D3] be incl uded in the unwrapped wire portion of the jumper to provide re lief of L e nsion from envi ro nmental loading.

Note 2 Marking Note1: To provide for per sonnel safety, follow the applicable local and Federal OccupationalSafety and Health Regulations? Static Extraction Methods should be performed in compliance with Test Method 2. Wetting is evidenl Note 0001e Requ ired underfill or staking material is present and completely cured 7.

Components that are required to be mounted off the board shall [] be elevated at least 1. It is current as of publication date of this document.

IPC J-STDE_图文_百度文库

Conductor contour is discernible. Insul ation shall not [DID2D3] have c uts, breaks, cracksor splits b. Does nol violale minimum eleclrical clearance Note 2: Dimensions 00e masked areas shall not [DID2D3] be decreased in lengthwidthor diameter by more than 0.

Solder connections meet the criteria 01 4. When another ftux is used see 3. Chemical solutionspastes and creams used to strip solid wire shall [DID2D3] be neutralized or removed prior to soldering Note: Foster Defense Acquisition Inc.