Using a JEditorPane to display a web page. import *; import *; import *; import *; public class. The JEditorPane class is the foundation for Swing’s styled text components and provides a mechanism Using an Editor Pane to Display Text From a URL. This class implements accessibility support for the JEditorPane class. Gets the current URL being displayed. getRef method for the URL being displayed).

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Fetches the currently installed kit for handling content. IOException – as thrown by the stream being used to initialize See Also: If an IOException is thrown the partially loaded document will be discarded and neither the document or page property change events will be fired.

Now the image tag would look like this: Creates a handler for the given type from the default registry of editor kits. Text is shown correctly, but I can’t see the picture, there is only a square indicating that there should be an image i. Although this is an interesting example that concisely demonstrates several features of JTextPane”real-world” programs aren’t likely to initialize a text pane this way.

In this case the model would be replaced after it was initialized with the contents of the string.

This method is expected to have the the side effect of establishing the content type, and therefore setting the appropriate EditorKit to use for loading the stream. If the desired URL is the one currently being displayed, the document will not be reloaded.

Fetches the editor kit to use for the given type of content. Could you please tell me how you define the String page here? I figured it out.


This allows things like HTML tables to shrink down to their minimum size and then be laid out at their minimum size, refusing to shrink any further. Some kinds of content may provide hyperlink support by generating hyperlink events. Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. I used this when I was working in netbeans, it worked though. If this the stream was an http connection, redirects will be followed and the resulting URL will be set as the Document.

My tested example, but I’m not sure about formating.

JEditorPane (Java Platform SE 8 )

By default, the following types of content are known: To begin using text, you might want to run these programs and examine their code to find something similar to what you want to do. Key for a client property used to indicate whether w3c compliant length units are used for html rendering.

The Swing text API is powerful and immense, and we could devote an entire book just to using editor panes and text panes.

It definitely works I am using it. Here we list the facts again and provide a bit more detail.

displaying HTML in a JEditorPane (Swing / AWT / SWT forum at Coderanch)

Sets the text of this TextComponent to the specified content, which is expected to be displaay the format of the content type of this editor. If there is no selection this amounts to an insert of the given text.

EditorKit getEditorKit Fetches the currently installed kit for handling content. Scrolls the view to the given reference location that is, the value returned by the UL. Both of dusplay assumptions can be violated and cause undesirable results.


How to Use File Choosers. Sign up using Email and Password.

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Sets the type of content that this editor handles. Email Required, but never shown. To force a document reload it is necessary to clear the stream description property of the document. If the document is successfully loaded and installed, a view will be built for it by the UI which will then be scrolled if necessary, and then the page property change event will be fired.

Ueditorpane are then assured the previous Document won’t have any lingering state.

This is mostly convenience jeritorpane that can be used as an alternative to xisplay setEditorKit directly. The assumption is that the previous content is relatively small, and that the previous content doesn’t have side effects.

Sets the currently installed kit for handling content. If the type was registered with a ClassLoaderthat ClassLoader will be used to load the prototype. The read method can be used to initialize the component from a Reader. How to Use Various Components. Notifies all listeners that have registered interest for notification on this event type. Illustrates many text component features, such as undo and redo, document filters, document listeners, caret change listeners, and how to associate editing actions with menus and key strokes.