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Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Standard conditions of the test site. Standard Atmospheric Conditions for Testing 1. This standard application range, the temperature of the . JIS Z Standard atmospheric conditions for testing (FOREIGN STANDARD). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese.

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JIS Z – Free download ASME ICC CSA ASTM Codes

The test specimen shall be operated under the test voltage having been applied thereto, after the operation of test specimen is stabilized, output of power source micro interruption equipment shall be micro interrupted and whether any abnormity exist or not of specimen shall be confirmed and recorded.

Type A and Type D These are the tests which assume the transient voltages generated upon load damping classified in 1 above.

Type B and Type E Of major transient voltages classified in the foregoing, these tests are based on the assumption of 23 and 4 above; that is to say, these transient voltages of mutative polaritythat generate when inductive loads connected to the vehicle electric circuit are cut off, are assumed.

If the electric current of exciting circuit of the alternator becomes not to be controlled by failure of the alternator, generated voltage becomes higher in proportion to the rotating speed of the alternator, and uis battery will be overcharged. Therefore, the time required of release was specified so as to be equal to 10 minutes to the maximum value as long after such maximum value on the condition at normal room temperature and under normal room humidity had been verified that under such condition, almost all the equipment has come to be dewed from the state of frost.

B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when the ignition switch is opened in the 12V system. A study had been carried out so as to obtain allowable range of the testing voltage. Thereforefor the each, the general method to be applicable to electronic equipment for automobile has been specified as a representative requirement. Keep the test specimen under the conditions for 2. However, though should it be exposed in the ambient conditions which is jid lower side, dew would be created, depending on the heat mass of the equipment, a high fluctuations could be available in the periods of time required for a change from frost to dew.

Carry out the test pattern shown in Fig. Measurement shall particularly be cared. The test duration suitable to actual his may, therefore, be selected under the agreement between the persons concerned, out of the three durations mentioned above, because the test duration may be shortened or be necessary to be extended according to the kind of equipment to be tested. Although every type of electromagnetic wave should be included in the applicable frequency range, the provision is established mainly for the frequency band from MF medium frequency band to UHF ultra high frequency band that have the great effect in daily operation.


Kind of dust of JIS Z subject to selection of kind of the test to be carried out being made in accordance with the agreement made by and between the persons concerned. Jjs operations shall be as follows: According to the previous provision, a resistance of 2 ohms or diode had been required to be inserted in the transient voltage generating circuit of the power supply system between the power source and the test specimen.

Equipment subject to electrostatic test Although kinds of equipment subject to Type A through Type C electrostatic tests are basically left to the agreement between the perties concerned, some examples ate given in Explanatory Table his for reference taking account of the degree of effects on the vehicle when the equipment have occurred abnormalities.

Major portions revised and matters discussed as problem at committee meeting The revisions on this time were made based on the results of review of testing items covering the general requirements for environment and efforts to make the format and style of this standard in better order so as to make it in accordance with JIS Z as well as 8730 modification made as the results of comparison with the similar international standards.

JIS Z 8703:1983

The method for natural drop to be alternatively employed was specified so as to be simply applied, where a little bit more severe condition than what is expected at usual handling was specified. Other details of the tests are left to the agreement between parties.

Main transient voltages on vehicles may be classified as follows: Further, the constant temperature chamber shall be so constructed that the test specimen does not receive the heat radiation directly from the heat source. Particularly the impressing direction of electric field, the fitting direction of the test specimen for instance, the surface to be faced toward the ground of a specimen shall be faced to the outer conductive surface of the TEM celletc. Test methods are specified in this standard for 1 through 5.

Impression duration for applying electromagnetic trouble factors and other test conditions conditions that may affect on troubles according electromagnetic waves, degree of modulation, modulation frequency, etc, and other environmental conditions are not particularly specified in this tests by selecting appropriate test durations and conditions which best fit to each object. In respect of method of treatment for measurement of performance after the temperature and humidity cycle test, the three conditions as listed hereunder were specified; 1 Water on surface to be dried, 2 Overall sections to be dried, and 3 Surface to be kept as it is, should water in drop be kept attached thereon.

Therefore, should it be essentially required to do so, whether such test it required or notthe testing conditions kind of oil, method of contact of the equipment with oil, etc.

Type E 4 Transient voltages generated when various inductive loads relay, solenoid, etc. Test conditions are specified separately for Type A impressing at terminalsand Types Zz and C impressing at operating portion according to the difference of the conditions the equipment is handled in use or the happening or the equipment with electrostatic discharge.

Since under such condition, the generation of transient voltage is limited to be kept so low that the test condition be made more relaxed, the resistance has been decided to be specified so to be directly connected with the power source and the test specimen. However, jie lack of practical experiences and actual applications, it s decided not to be specified.


From the results above mentioned, this electromagnetic resisting characteristics test using TEM cell is useful as a test method to evaluate the operation of an electronic equipment unit under specific condition of lead wire connection, but conducted electromagnetic test that examine the effects of connecting lead wire, wiring, etc.

In the necessary case, the testing conditions severity of the shock, height of drop, etc. However, voltages that are induced and impressed by transient voltages and electro-magnetic disturbances are not included.

Further, for comprehensive evaluation of the equipment including the effects of wiring and grounding when it is fitted on a vehicle, a test impressing electromagnetic field directly is sometimes necessary as the technical report of SAE J for instance.

Further, should any discharge not be available in airthe discharging probe shall be contacted with 7803 such designated portion. The additional operations shall be carried 2 out subsequent thereto as specified hereunder: Because it is not favourable for the voltage from the power supply device to be widely fluctuated due to operation of the equipment during iis, the allowable range of such fluctuation has been revised so as to be a little bit severer.

Although these uis apparatuses are desirable to be used in low temperature atmosphere, they may be used under room temperature if it is considered acceptable according to the agreement between the persons concerned.

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Jiz equipments installed in the vehicle room are subject to severe temperature conditions if they are so located as exposed to direct rays of sunshine when the vehicle is parked at 87033 high temperature are. 8730 of the study on electrostatic charged voltages of passenger car drivers in winter Fig. General rules of environmental testing methods for automotive electronic equipment 1. In addition, grounding of whole test devices is necessary in order to the stabilization of reference potential and the safety during tests.

In case of the equipment, the heat mass of which are utmost highthe duration of time for holding at low temperature and the time required of release in constant temperature and humidity chamber may be optionally fixed in accordance with the agreement made between the persons concerned. Typical values of transient voltages under the above mentioned conditions are as follows. This provision shall be executed only in case where it is inevitably required in accordance the agreement between the persons concerned.

Herein jjis paragraph, the matters in respect of general requirements and major points of revisions on this time are explained. Test method of JIS D shall be carried out by means with the dust for test of the class 8 or the class 6 specified in 3.