Registered User. Age: 25; Posts: 2,; Rep Power: DontNegImPreggo is just really nice. (+). JTF2 Fitness Standards, What do you. So much secrecy behind the jtf2. Was it actual members that shows up? I’m asking since I believe it to be illegal to disclose their identity. DND JTF2 Physical Fitness Selection Test Reporting. CANFORGEN / 14 Joint Task Force two (JTF2) Selection for Special Operations.

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Originally Posted by lnvictus. Submit a new text post. I want tough intelligent self motivated thinkers, who can kill with out hesitation ” Jim b. There was a time the SAS were pretty low key too. I stand by my original statement. By RatherBeLifting in forum Misc.

Jtf2 training manual pdf – Google Docs

Being a part of an infantry battalion, you’ll eventually know a handful of guys that go to both CSOR and the Hill. I mean over half the population is ktf2 when losing weight is beyond simple.

Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Forces. Pass appropriate medical examination: After that I’m pretty tired, though. If you want max score, here’s what you have to get on the pre-selection fitness test: Brah that’s the fitness check.


And that wasn’t considered fast by any measure–breaking the 8: SOF personnel require the ability for continuous analysis of the situation, environment, mission aims and unique foreign societal complexities during operations.

Time to go to wokout. Very few people even talk about JTF2. Originally Posted by Robination. At this point, Unit review boards are held, and candidates who meet the minimum threshold for service with that specific Unit are then invited to attend the JTF 2 Assessment Process, at the appropriately named Assessment Centre. Buddy up top was talking about 65 lbs.

Not everyone’s a swimmer. Originally Posted by Harlequinn. I ran 6 miles, and that was pretty hard, and I wasn’t going very fast. Once you get past the checkpoint its about how bad you want it. No I do not. utf2

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JTF2’s physical fitness evaluation. Members receive skills training in JTF 2 which will includes high speed tactical operation of a variety of vehicles and watercraft plus extensive training woorkout crew served and personal weapons.

I know how that portion begins and I mean they could possibly lose guys on the first day. Pretty much everyone is capable of a certain level of athleticism which far exceeds the average person.


This course prepares support personnel for their duties as a member of JTF 2 and ensures a heightened level of deployment readiness. I know who you’re talking about, and she was in a support role, not wotkout assaulter. You will either pass or fail the course, and even if you pass the instructors workut give the final say.

When I was in the infantry they would come do physical tests, just passing this meant very little. They just came to our lines with no warning set up and anyone who wanted to do the test just went and did it sorta thing.

Nous parlons fran├žais ici aussi!

It’s wotkout requirement but not the sole deciding factor. You wouldn’t be male Olympics-tier, but you would be elite State-level talent. Nobody gonna draft our ass for the next big clusterfuck. You do have to be above average with your fitness but you don’t need to be an athlete to pass it.

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