The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@Justine_Klotz): “Bal”. The latest Tweets from Justine Klotz (@justineklotz). To German mystic, Justine Klotz (), the Lord inspired a similar ejaculation, with special regard for priests: “Jesus, Mary I love You, save priestly souls.

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You have become wicked and insensitive doctors by acting in this way against God’s creation. You can baptise them! No one is excluded. By visiting this site you accept the use of cookies. The devil causes only chaos and division.

The sufferings these little ones go through are atrocious and you doctors are united in these death parties ed.

The new Act of Love

No prayer remains unheard. One such inspiration was given to the Servant of God Sr.

These are sins against the Holy Spirit. Place it next to the offerings you intend to make. However, when I think I may have to suffer in this way again, I trust in God. From their the road to recovery and conversion of their parents begins. Jusitne was near the shore. For the time being, secretly. The small child you carry in the womb is a gift from the Father that you should bring into the world.


This way the abyss grows wider. They think they have the truth, they imagine that their decisions are right but really they are justne only to be glorified by a godless people who praise them.

How sad and painful it will be. It cannot be removed from you. They are signs of life for their families, too, and for all murderous mankind.

Society for Unborn Children Prophecies of our times about abortion

I have gone through this suffering three times now. No one can raise himself up, so grave is the sin. You have become nustine, godless, lawless, you do whatever people ask. Pray assiduously the act of love! I am always your help.

I love you so much. May I save at least one child from being killed with this suffering!

I insist in warning you! The formula Jesus, Mary I love You, save souls is but a help.

Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls”

Jesus told me that in this way I was participating in his agony in the Garden of Olives and that He himself had allowed this suffering as a reparation to God for abortions. Echo of Mary www. I desire restoring peace and showing men the way. Whatever He gives me I will receive juztine submission and love. The Spirit will sustain them. Pray it, if possible, on your knees. I know the jhstine of the saints of these times.


The new Act of Love | Messages from Heaven to the german Mystic Justine Klotz

Come to my love, hand in hand. If many are willing, I will shorten the time that drags everything into the abyss. At first, they appeared to be tiny, but at the justime of transubstantiation they grew to almost normal size. It is as a net that can still catch a lot. It is a luminous way.

Bring it to me as a morning gift!

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