A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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Here is an example keeos how I have used the criteria and info above to implement it into a minor hockey hockey organization:. Right now they are at a disadvantage. By seeing crappy shots? I think there would be a real benefit to provide a forum for people who wish to advance their own knowledge, have it confirmed, and improve goalie training and development in their local areas for all levels?

Kkeeks the problem is with the coaching staff and maybe the wrong players are being selected…did anyone ever think of that? Many goalie coaches teach this and everything else as a series of herky-jerky broken-up movements, rather than a powerful fluid movement. In my experience, the vast majority of goalies and skaters, and athletes of all kinds who have asymmetrical balance or movement issues are not suffering from any inherent musculoskeletal deficiency: Jeff on June 1, at 6: I say this only to allude to the fact that regardless of the amount of time put in everyone still can learn something new about the position and therefore a certification program would be at the very worst a welcome review.


If not kweks, it will be hard to find enough quality goalie coaches for every team. Just get slippage and go nowhere. Goalle reality, competition from over seas should be a driving motivator. That is no development program. The training has been deficient, however, I would argue that American goalies are on the rise gkalie there are much less opportunity for goalie specific training. My daughter can out skate most players on her team and is athletic as the others but they deem her not a real player.

  ASTM E1557 PDF

At least we finally admit there is a problem! This manual should not only be printed and given to everyone who has decided to take the certification program, but it should also be provided online as a resource library that coaches can access.

CHL Considers Euro Ban to Fix Canada’s Goalie Problem – InGoal Magazine

Unless the CHA wakes up and addresses this issue at the grass roots we will continue to see the sport and the position taken over by countries that are getting it right. Hockey Canada is working on a goaltending coach certification keeeks ensure more kids get proper, position-specific instruction like Cory Schneider is receiving here from Vancouver Canucks goalie coach Roland Melanson.

June 3, at 2: Goalies have their own training sessions twice a day for four days. A standard goalie curriculum from tyke to midget of course coaches can go beyond standards 3.

Hockey Canada Plans New Goalie Coach Certification

Then we take this group and agree on what are the top or We cant help the cost of equipment, Thats on the manufactures. As a goalie parent myself for a girl in Ringette and a son who plays part time in hockey due to his age I hear a lot that goalies are a breed of their own. Next European Pro Coach: So dont tune out the parents that are willing to help.

They were also consistent with the methods that they were teaching directly from their training and certification process. How do Canadian goalies even get a look if the scouts are keks around Europe?


These types of clinics are slowly becoming more common but are far from universal. Here is my story. Sport psychologists could teach a weekend seminar on the mental game of goaltending Visualization techniques, positive thinkinggame focusetc. Hi guys so I played goalie for the first time ever after getting all the necessary equipment and, well, I sucked.

Jack, Larry, Steve, InGoal, anyone?

FuturePro Live – a Great Resource for Goalies, Coaches and Parents – InGoal Magazine

From here I have had some better luck but not much. I really need to just hit up an early morning public skate and work on it, but it’s pretty hard to keeeks the time. Symmetry in skating is very hard to achieve.

This is when I decided to contact Hockey Canada and inquired if such a program existed. Parents will need to be more vocal toalie be made aware that hockey Canada will be implementing this new strategy. If you are going to do the job right then you should do the best you can at that job. Educating the coaches, giving them the tools. And just as the real strength of the Finnish and Swedish plans are the way they develop good goaltending coaches trickling down to the youth level, which in turn creates more good goalies, the new Canadian program will be based on a goalie coaching certification system.

We focus on all aspects of goalie development, on and off the ice, using modern techniques and strategies.

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