An honest romance and an empowering book about bullying –from the author of the City Love trilogy Noelle’s life is all about survival. Even her best. Keep Holding On. by Susane Colasanti. For Noelle, being constantly bullied at school is just one of the many problems stacking up in her life. High school junior Noelle is growing up in poverty with a neglectful mother. At school she is the target of bullies who tease her about her sad.

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And like Noelle says, “Eventually, you’ll find a real place that feels like home. One gets the impression that Noelle is going to move on, rather than reconcile with her mom, and susand it’s actually going to be a healthy choice for her. Warren and Carly see all of these less-than-perfect things about Noelle, and refuse to let her forget about them.

A rainbow-spewing one, at that. I love it when a writer can do that.

Keep Holding On

Still, she finds small glimmers of light through her best friend and longtime crush Julian Porter. Love doesn’t care about cliques and hierarchy. The few people who don’t fit into this mold are harassed. That she needed to fight back and say something. It was so hypocritical to me. They corner her in the hallways. That’s not enough for me, not after all the other things that happen. But it was great getting to read about Noelle’s story and how she slowly starts realize that in fact she is worth it and starts to stand up for herself and everyone like her.

There are stronger stories about bullying out there. I loved Sherae for being the best friend and support system that Noelle needed, and for convincing her that she mattered and that she should not let Julian slip through her fingers.


You can’t make them happy. As for the characters, I loved Noelle. I’m sure she would have no qualms over giving Noelle a tampon or something. Susane Colasanti manages to summon all sorts of emotions ranging from sorrow to blood-boiling anger in a way that makes the reader appreciate the book even with its flaws. By sixteen you should start learning life skills.

This may be the most rage-inducing book I’ve ever read. Meanwhile, Julian asks Noelle out on a date and she turns him down. I will not accept this. High school can be an unforgiving world. The twist that came with Matt trying to keep their relationship a secret wasn’t surprising, but I felt it didn’t pack as much of a punch as it could’ve if the relationship structuring was deeper.

I was also nicknamed “laundry girl” by my I had higher hopes for Keep Holding On then what the book delivered. She doesn’t just say bullying is bad, as a reader you get the firsthand effects of how it affects Noelle, and the horrible things this poor girl has to endure.

At the same time, I do sympathize with her, and I understand that with the difficult home life and the bullying at school. This is the book to read Quick Reaction: I really needed to “see” more of the world she was living in, both the world in which she lived physically and the one she lived in socially. But unfortunately that is not what I got. On page Noelle complains that she’s only able to take showers at night.

The bullying I went through in middle school is a big reason why I suffer from social anxiety to this day, and the anxiety was so bad, it got to the point where I tried my best to remain invisible in high school, and why a lot of days I was literally afraid to go to school because I was paranoid that people would put gum in my hair or steal things from eusane locker or laugh at my hair and m 2.


She’s been isolated from her peers and understands that that is one of the bullies’ most powerful weapons.

Keep Holding On By: Susane Colasanti by jasmine barajas on Prezi

The driving force that led to Hklding standing up for herself was heartbreaking, but the aftermath felt too rushed and seemed unreal. Colasanti has experienced bullying and I’m sorry that she has. Aside hholding all this I did like the best friend Sherae and also Simon in the magazine and the teacher Ms Scofield.

I have a hard time with stories that deal with class issues. Hopefully the story makes up for it: She had a best friend who was there for her, people who cared about her who helped her without seeming to. The thing was, I never bought the explanation for why her mother didn’t buy her tampons.

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti | : Books

She has to take a stand. She hides how much she gets bullied and how much her mother actually neglects her. Here, it’s a focus on the negativity and not on the organic nature of the relationships.

Colasanti challenges assumptions because Noelle doesn’t “forgive” her mother for what she did, necessarily. Do your own thing.

She was a fabulous and very devoted friend.

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