This chapter discusses that the present-day shape of both Murzuq and Kufra basins reflects a Variscan and Mesozoic overprint on an older structural relief. The present work is designed to study the sedimentary cover of part of the Kufra Basin by means of potential field analyses and modeling. The basin has been. Research objectives and the reports of the Kufra Basin Project at CASP, Cambridge, UK.

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We had only a few hundred men able to carry arms; the rest were women and children and old men. We slept on the floor, one on the other, there wasn’t even a place to lay down. Retrieved from ” https: Daniel, 22 years old, from Eritrea. Le tenevano a parte.

Statistics – Base hard sediments Median.

Se li guardi negli occhi ti riempiono di botte. He came to vasin only yesterday. We were about people, about Ethiopians, Eritreans and from Chad and Sudan. This will open a separate page with detailed maps. Nato strike ‘kills rebels’ in Misrata”. The paleo-location for this point is computed using the EarthByte plate kinematic framework rotating the kufrx back in time. When you hear the sound of the keys in the cell lock your blood freezes.

They used pieces of iron, sticks They took my mobile phone and all the money I had in my pocket and put me in to a cell with other 20 people. Statistics – Lithospheric temperature gradient Median 5. Kufra did not fall under the dominion of either the Arabs or the Ottomans and was part of a Toubou Sultanate with capital in Tazirbu.


Mi avevano portato via il cellulare e tutti i soldi che avevo in tasca e mi avevano sbattuto in cella con altre 20 persone. The town surrounding the Oasis is still dominated by the old fort of El Tagbuilt by the Italians in the mids. On the north edge of the basin, there is the village of El Tagwhich means crown in Arabic, which does not contain an oasis. Their aeroplanes came down low and bombed houses and mosques and palm groves.

She told me that the Italian general had assembled all the surviving people before the tomb of Sayyid Muhammad al-Mahdi; and before their eyes he tore a copy of the Koran into pieces, threw it to the ground and set his boot upon it, shouting, “Let your beduin prophet help you now, if he can!

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Statistics – TTS crust Median. Statistics – Total crustal thickness Median We defended house after house, but they were too strong for us, and in the end only the village of Al-Hawari was left to us. For explanation to the data source or computation of this grid please follow this link. He spoke slowly, without any tremor of emotion kufga his voice; but his gaunt face seemed to mirror all the horrors he ,ufra witnessed.


They treated us like beasts.

Kufra – Wikipedia

Sometimes the data labels are not plotted correctly, depending on the length of kufrq section. At the beginning of the s, Libya launched in Kufra a great cultivation project aimed at developing agriculture in the desert. The location of the profile is indicated in all maps as dashed-dotted kura black line. Women won’t ever tell the truth because of shame, but it’s useful to make everybody aware of what happened to women in Kufra.

Statistics – Base middle crust Median Al Idrisi writes that the place was once flourishing and peopled, but was by that point in ruin, its wells dry, its herds returned to the wild.

The density anomalies are then kufar back in time to compute mantle flow with plate motions superimposed using the EarthByte plate rotation framework as surface boundary conditions. Devi voltarti verso il muro. Statistics – Differential Beta Median. For the colonial Italians, it was also important as a station on the north-south air route to Italian East Africa.

Verlag von Theodor Fischer, p.