UNILAP ISO 5kV NEW. The insulation expert – with extended functionality 1,2 x nominal voltage. (measurement will not be started). Ueff: V external. Tektronix offers quality calibration services for over instruments including the LEM UNILAP ISO X. We offer a variety of calibration service levels. e-mail: [email protected] Issue 1 – 04/ Catalogue copy. UNILAP ISO X. Multifunctional Insulation Tester. Main features: • External voltage measurements up to.

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It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. In addition to performing standard 3- and 4-pole earth resistance measurements, an innovative process accurately measures individual earth electrode resistances in single and meshed earthed systems without disconnecting any parallel electrodes!

New regulations and increasing nominal mains voltages make ever greater demands on the measuring engineer and his test instruments.

unilap iso norma datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Despite all these requirements simple operation, high overload capacity and protection against misoperation of the instrument must be guaranteed. All safety controls are always based on insulation resistance measurements.

Selective measurement at high voltage pylons: Other insulation meters in this category can, at best, provide an instrument with analog display whose size and weight d not meet the wishes of the users. The requirements in practice vary a great deal, however. In many cases, these safety measures are national and international regulations which must be checked regularly. These safety controls are laid down in national and international regulations c must be checked at regular intervals.


This has resulted an increasing number of areas of application for V insulation meters. The SATURN GEO X incorporates microprocessor controlled automatic measurements including checking probe hookup to ensure measurements are taken correctly and measuring all probe ground resistances to ensure reliable, repeatable results. Overvoltage suppressors or other voltage limiting elements also have to be tested for faultless functioning. One specific application of this capability is quick and accurate measurement of power pylon grounds.

All measured data, as well as the time-of-day the measurement was taken, can be sent to computer or printed via an RSC interface. Practical test measuring setup: The instrument meets highest technical requirements while covering as broad an area of application as possible and complies with all relevant regulations governing construction, safety and measurement. AFC switch positon measuring range RA 2pole 0.

Large fields of applications, the seasonal variations of the earth resistance, variations from weather and ground conditions, require test instrument able to collect and document additional information in order to ensure that the conditions under which the measurement was taken are known and unikap the results are reproducible. Real lej requires the earthing of transformers, high and medium voltage power pylons, railway tracks, tanks, vats, foundations and lightning protection systems.


The construction and operation of electrical devices and installations require the compliance with certain safety precautions to protect man.

Probe resistance and auxiliary earth resistance are also unila and displayed. Finally, the device must provide all of this information reliably with the greatest possible simplicity and ease of use. Earthing, the connection unillap exposed conductive parts to the earth in case of a fault, represents the most fundamental safety measure. AFC switchable switch position measuring range resolution RA 2-pole 0.

LEM Unilap

Before measuring, the instruments identify existing interference and select a measurement frequency to minimise its effect. The insulation quality of materials and various objects also has to be tested for instance.

uunilap The insulation measurement which, as such, is basically simple faces multiple types of applications. Selective measurement of individual earth electrode resistance in interlinked or parallel ground systems i.