Leporinus frederici (Bloch, ) Leporinus friderici friderici (Bloch, ) Salmo friderici Bloch, BioLib link: Leporinus friderici · FishBase. Dorsal soft rays (total): 12; Anal soft rays: Scales in lateral line 35 + circumpeduncular 16; profile over orbits flat; teeth in the upper jaw 4 + 4, the cutting. Leporinus friderici (Bloch, ) (Characiformes, Anostomidae) is a freshwater fish commonly called “piava” or “piau-três-pintas” widely.

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Acta Sci Biol Sci These strategies undergo temporal and spatial friderick, and are conditioned by resource availability and environmental pressure. South American Monogenoidea parasites of fishes, amphibians and reptiles. Distinct pairs breed on densely grown weedy places Ref. The majority of species are moderately-elongate and somewhat rounded in shape although there are some exceptions, e.

Leporinus – Wikipedia

Following this reasoning, what would happen to fish parasite assemblages after dam removal? Parasites have undergone serious changes in composition and structure due to human activity that influences the functioning and stability of the ecosystem LaffertyLafferty and Kuris Itaipu Reservoir was closed in October and eventually attained an area of 1, Km 2 at its maximum level, fridrrici mean depth The degradation and homogenization of natural habitats is considered a major cause of biotic homogenization.

Nevertheless, cyclic changes in the duration and intensity of the breeding season were observed in Itaipu. Data analysis The sex ratio per standard length class, environment, and season was established.


Reported from Argentina Ref. The breeding season established for L.

Suriname and Amazon River basin Ref. You must be logged in to post a comment. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Leporinus friderici, Threespot leporinus : fisheries, aquaculture

In many cases food supply is a determining factor, and females predominate when food is abundant, while males predominate in friedrici environments Nikolsky, Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Ital J Zool From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Studies have also found that the rivers are resilient and their fish assemblages react quickly after dam removal Hitt et al. This page was last edited on 23 Marchat How to cite this article.

The Jurumirim dam was built in the late s and is the first of 11 cascading dams along the main course of fdiderici Paranapanema River Nogueira et al. August 29, ; Accepted: In Itaipu, stabilization between the maximum and minimum lengths at first maturation was also noted after year 6 following closure and continuing until year Males are sexually mature at 1 yr, while females are mature at 2 years. Many studies have analyzed the consequences of dams for the parasite fauna of aquatic wildlife in temperate regions Bauer and StolyarovDogielHolloway and HagstromMackie et al.

New Jersey, Prentice-Hall, Inc. This result highlights that dams promote and facilitate the dispersal of organisms between localities, and therefore the spatial homogenization of parasite communities.

Threespot Leporinus

It is admitted that, of the reproductive tactics analyzed for L. Parasite communities of freshwater fish under flood condition. The food is crushed by four strong teeth on each half-jaw.


Studies have lwporinus the composition of the parasite fauna of this fish in Brazilian rivers Feltran et al. This site relies heavily on the help of hundreds of people without whose valuable contributions it simply wouldn’t exist. Females spawn aroundtoeggs Ref. Acta Limnol Bras An analysis of similarity ANOSIM using the Jaccard index qualitative and the Bray-Curtis index quantitative was performed with 10, permutations to test the null hypothesis of no difference in the composition fridericu abundance of the parasite community of L.

Both populations showed differences in the sex ratios in the shorter and longer length classes, females being longer than males Fig.

Winners and feiderici among stream fishes in relation to land use legacies and urban development in the southeastern US. However, the dominance of young fish was observed during the entire period of the study including the river phase, and was not shown to be an leporihus of reservoir formation. In the studied area, the effects of the Jurumirim Dam have been well documented for phytoplankton Henry et al. We’re working on a daily basis to fill in all the gaps, so please have patience.

Services on Demand Journal.

Fridreici study highlighted the disappearance of the digenean Prosthenhystera obesa after the establishment of a reservoir. Anostomidae with description of a new species from Suriname.

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