LITANY OF THE SAINTS. Lord have mercy. LORD HAVE MERCY. Christ have mercy. CHRIST HAVE MERCY. Lord have mercy. LORD HAVE MERCY. Notes: The saints that are named vary from congregation to . the music (without words), go to MIDI music: L and click on “Litany of the saints.”. Print and download choral sheet music for Litany of the Saints composed by John D. Becker arranged for Unison Choir + Piano Includes piano accompaniment.

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At the time this litany was introduced, there was no formal process for thee of sainthood; the martyrs and early Church fathers were considered saints, as were other individuals who were venerated by popular attraction to their lives and accomplishments.

Litany of the Saints – John Becker | Julianne Woods

Hippolytus and Origen, pray for us. There are saunts reviews written for Litany of the Saints. All you holy men and women, pray for us.

The Litany of the Saints may have gained new meaning and wider recognition through its use in the funeral of John Paul II, seen and heard by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Cerealis and Sallustia with your 21 Companions, defenders of the Faith against the Novatian heresy. Hai dimenticato la password? Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. The first comprehensive book of saints was Butler’s Lives of the Saintspublished around and it had 1, entries.


Francis Xavier, Ignatius, pray for us. Martin and Gregory, pray for us. Litany of the Saints. By your death and resurrection, save your people.

Litanies may be about God, as in this psalm, or be prayers directed to God and may be specified as being specifically to, or about, Jesusor they may be about or directed to others to whom we give homage and pray, especially the saints, of which Mary is the most frequently invoked. United States Change Country. Botta e risposta con un fan: Lucy, Agatha, and Agnes, pray for us. Nome Compilare il campo Nome.

Two hundred years later revisionthere were 2, listed. Through Christ, our Lord. Michael and all angels, pray for us. Il tuo account MyRockol necessita di una serie di azioni da parte tua per garantirti la fruizione del servizio.


Here are parts of two stories of that event, based on hearing the Litany of the Saints the traditional style was used, in Latin, at the Vatican event:. Christ have mercy on us. Zephyrinus, Pope, who wanted this cemetery for the Church of Rome St.


The Litany of the Saints as sung in Rome on April 4, 2005

Lord give new life, hear our prayer. Graciously hear us, o Lord Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world….

Cornelius, Pope and Martyr “a model of humility, patience and goodness” St. Ruth, David and Solomon, pray for us. Save on Every Order! Tarcisius, youth with great ideals and brave defender of the Faith St. Following is his wording. The music which aroused such attention was one of the simplest Gregorian chants: John the Baptist, St.

In the psalm, a large part Stephen, Philip, and Cornelius, pray for us. Of these, the Litany of the Saints is the oldest, said to have originated aroundwhen it was used by St.

O Becjer, our Father, who have made fruitful with the blood of Martyrs and blessed by their presence the ground of the Catacombs of St.