LMN/NOPB Texas Instruments Audio Amplifiers 5-W AUDIO POWER AMP datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LMN Datasheet, LMN National Semiconductor 5-Watt Audio Amplifier Datasheet, buy LMN. The LM is a power audio amplifier for consumer applica- tion In order to hold system cost to a minimum gain is internally fixed at 34 dB A unique input stage.

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You can use either input for the signal, and simply ground the unused input. All pin numbers refer to the pin LM and the LM Two are needed, one for each side of the IC. The quiescent output voltage is set internally to be half the supply voltage, and by default the gain catasheet 20 26dB.

The LM is similar, but uses 50k resistors at the inputs, and has two series resistors ohms and 1. Add a resistor and capacitor in series between pins 1 and 8 for intermediate gains. Uses include simple phonograph amplifiers, intercoms, line drivers, teaching machine outputs, alarms, ultrasonic drivers, TV sound systems, AM-FM radio and sound projector systems. The author Rod Elliott dayasheet the reader the right to use this information for personal use only, and further allows that one 1 copy may be made for reference while constructing the project.

Production processing does not.

The LM can allegedly provide up to 5W, but don’t count on it. A copper lead frame is used with the center three. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. These provide quite a bit of info, and lots of application circuits. The preferred method is to make or buy copper heatsinks that can be soldered directly to the pins. Home – IC Supply – Link.

Quiescent Output Voltage is at One Half of the. The bypass cap C2 is optional as well, but if you don’t include it the power supply rejection is rather poor, so anything other than a battery supply may datashee some hum. The output is short-circuit proof with internal thermal.


5-W Audio Power Amplifier

The only thing that even approaches being critical is the bypass cap. Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical, is strictly prohibited under International Copyright laws. It would be worthwhile to give it a very light spray with matte black paint to improve radiation.

The circuit is shown for reference only, and is datxsheet from the datasheet but has been redrawn. The circuit shown is only partially optimised for best performance.

5-W Audio Power Amplifier

The output automatically self-centers to one-half the. The IC is useful for headphones, intercoms, portable radios etc. The package outline is standard dual-in-line. If you do omit C1, you will almost certainly hear some ‘scratching’ noises from the pot as it’s rotated because there’s a small DC offset at the inputs. The minimum useful voltage is around 6V, and 12V is dxtasheet maximum suggested for the LM Feel free to include a nF multilayer ceramic bypass cap as close to the supply pins as possible it’s not shown in the lm384nn drawings.

LMN Datasheet(PDF) – TI store

It is possible to use a ground-plane on a PCB as a heatsink, but it’s not very effective and you need a lot of area to get what is still a sub-standard heatsink. They are able to work with a signal that goes below zero volts Gnd because a PNP transistor is used.

The gain can be changed by adding a capacitor between pins 1 and 8. In order to hold system cost to a. These are allegedly available, but I couldn’t find anything even remotely similar from my normal suppliers.

Figure 1 – LM Amplifier Schematic. A copper lead frame is used with the center three pins on either side comprising a heat sink. It’s worth mentioning that the above circuit can be simulated and will give the expected results, but you need to replace the upper NPN output transistor Q7 with a Darlington pair or you will not get symmetrical clipping. While it looks very similar to the LM circuit shown above, note that the pin numbers are different.


It should be easy enough to fabricate a suitable heatsink if you have some sheet copper available. Note that you cannot use aluminium because it can’t be soldered, but you may be able to use small copper tabs that are rivetted to an aluminium heatsink with heatsink compound between the two metals.

Commercial use is prohibited without express written authorisation from Rod Elliott. Input stage distortion will not occur until the input signal peak exceeds mV or so, and that’s far more than necessary given the gain of the IC.

LMN datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 5-W Audio Power Amplifier

Every so often, you’ll find a need for a low power amplifier. Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of.

The LM is available in two packages – 8-pin and pin.

While a PCB would be handy, the cost of the board would be greater than the cost of the IC and other parts and it’s not worthwhile. It usually won’t need to be anything special, but it will usually have to be cheap and easy to build. The 8-pin version is shown first. While you may see it rated for up to 1W output, this is a little adventurous to put it mildly.

Distortion is acceptable at around 0. Products conform to specifications per the terms of the Texas Instruments standard warranty.

Maximum output power into an 8 ohm load is around mW for acceptable distortion. The LM is a power audio amplifier for consumer.

These range from a Wien bridge datwsheet to intercoms and various others. It’s theoretically possible if you use a high supply voltage and a 16 or 32 ohm load, but that’s not recommended because device dissipation will be well in excess of that which the device can handle safely.