LOGIX si OVERVIEW. The Logix si is a two-wire, mA input digital valve positioner. The Logix si positioner controls single-acting actuators with . Mounting of the Logix si Positioner on a Linear Pneumatic Actuator. ( NAMUR / IEC document describes the setting and use of the Logix si. Available Logix + Models. Part of the versatile Logix positioner series the Logix + and Logix + digital positioners fulfill the ever growing.

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Flowserve Logix si Digital Positioner Actuator siw1dse | eBay

This pause and buttons allows the signal to be adjusted without affecting the valve position. Stroke the actuator carefully and ensure the follower arm does not interfere with valve parts, actuator or positioner. The StarPac 3 builds on previous designs. A coalescing filter should be installed in 510sj of the supply air connection Figure 8.

The positioner consists of three main pression fitting connectors: Current source bandwidth not limited to 25Hz 2. 501si connect the air supply to the filter, which is connected to the Logix Series positioner.

Maximum allowable current source rate of change is mA per second 2. Don’t show me this message again. Move the positioner to second switching position LS2. Note a factory reset is the only method to reset the command back to analog control mode from the oogix interface if a PC or handheld configurator is not available.


Wrong air action entered in software 4. To exit the local control mode and return to normal operation, briefly press the QuickCal button. Install tubing 4 between actuator and positioner. Now press both Jog buttons simultaneously to proceed to the next step. If necessary, they are easily accessible for cleaning. Certificates 26 27 28 29 30 Soft Stop Upper – The unit is being commanded to exceed a user defined upper travel limit and the internal software is holding the position at the limit.


Single-acting pneumatic actuator Positioner: If you wish you can return this Sensistor product to the manufacturer for recovery. JOG Control Mode – the unit has been placed in a local override mode where the valve can only be stroked using the two local jog buttons.

Local control of valve position — Can be done 510i the user interface by holding both jog buttons and then simultaneously pressing the Quick-Cal button. The change of pressure and volume of the air in the actuator causes the valve to stroke.

This can also be caused by over tightened packing, loix sticky packing, or very high gain settings. Limit switch To connect switches — see termination table. Attach the stem clamp bracket to the stem clamp and fasten it with two hexagon socket screws and lock washers.

Note that the valve will be locked at its position when an input loop calibration is initiated until the calibration is completed. To prevent distortion of the HART communication, cable capacitance and cable length restrictions must be calculated.

The basic positioner operation is best understood by referring to figure 1. A reset will cause the loss of other data.


Logix 510si-15-Y2DSE-00F0 (Flowserve)

The grounding screw, located inside the positioner cover, should be used to provide the unit with an adequate and reliable earth ground reference. To clear use handheld or Flowserve supplied software to reset. The pneumatic amplifier controls 51s0i airflow to the actuator. To clear the condition use handheld or Flowserve supplied software to reset the indicator if more travel is needed or adjust the command signal back in the specified range.

The Gain Selector switch is also read and action will be taken to adjust the gain according to the settings of the calibration switches as described in the previous section.

Disposal of product when taken out of service. This will not alter the operation of the unit other than to change the blink sequence to 3 blinks indicating the major version number. The control algorithm in 510sj processor performs control calculations and produces an output command to the piezo valve, which drives the pneumatic amplifier.

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Electrical safety is determined only by the power supply device. For connecting the air piping, the following notes should be observed: If the Quick calibration switch is set to Jog, the calibration will initially close the valve then cause a small jump in the valve position. If the error still occurs, bad logkx assembly, replace.