The ×45mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature NATO) is a rimless bottlenecked . The ×45mm NATO SS/M cartridge (NATO: SS; U.S.: M) with standard 62 gr. lead core bullets with steel . Luke Haag’s papers in the AFTE Journal (33(1)–28, Winter ) also describes this problem. Look at Luke Haag’s paper in the AFTE journal which shows significant variations in construction between various SS/M loads from. Now comes your affiant, Lucien C. “Luke” Haag, and under oath hereby states as follows: I. I am of legal majority and of x45mm SS/M Bullets”.

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Some hunting loads of. This lack of ss109 does however help with penetration of light cover such as walls, since the round does not expand it does not experience as much drag and can pass through more wood, thin metal, and other objects than most civilian ammo would be likely to do.

It appears that this round can drastically improve the performance of any AR15 platform weapon chambered to.

x 45 NATO ( Remington) | Close Focus Research – Ballistic Testing Services

I will give it a try and let you guys know. The Gw Pat 90 cartridge dimensions are in accordance with the civilian C. Commercial alternatives were found to have the same yaw sensitivity issues as the M Apparently it is superior to the standard M round when fired from an M4 or M16 rifle. The Marines fielded the Mk gradually and in small numbers.

  DES 1016D PDF

5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Remington)

Additionally, when using a round not based on the case of the ds109. Some of this criticism has been used to advocate an intermediate-sized cartridge between the 5. Archived from the original on 9 February The 5,6mm Gw Pat 90 or GP 90 5. Retrieved 6 March This was with all rounds coming from the same manufacturer.

InNATO decided to standardize a second rifle caliber.

×45mm NATO – Wikipedia

The FN company had also been involved. General LeMay subsequently ordered 80, haagg. When it became clear that there was not enough powder capacity to meet U.

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As the Iraq War was happening at the same time, participants decided to use the opportunity to redirect their efforts from just making a “green” training round to creating an entirely new general-purpose rifle round to address complaints encountered in the field. The dimensions and leade of the. Retrieved Dec 29, The M armor-piercing round had high accuracy and target penetration, but was eight times more expensive than the M During the late s, ArmaLite and other U.

The Army spent more developing the MA1 which performs as well or nearly as well as the Mk, but is cheaper per round and has the advantage of being lead-free. With controlled pairs and good shot placement to the head and chest, the target was usually defeated without issue. The factors of impact angle and velocity, instability distance, and penetration before yaw reduce the round’s predictable effectiveness considerably haga combat situations.


Additionally, these heavy-for-caliber loadings sacrifice even more penetrative ability than the M round which has a steel penetrator tip. Posting Quick Se109 – Please Wait. Remington created a larger cartridge called the. A Biography, Alexander Rose p. Small Arms of the World.

As with all spitzer shaped projectiles it is prone to yaw in soft tissue. Materials and production methods, like a reverse-drawn jacket for a clean boat tail, led to yaw insensitivity, improved soft target performance, and consistent dispersion. The US Army has since replaced the bismuth-tin alloy core with haat of solid copper eliminating the heat issue. Even if it impacts at optimum speeds, 70 percent of 5. The cartridge was also designed to reduce pollution by controlling lead emissions.

Ballistics tests found that the round caused “consistent initial yaw in soft tissue” between 3 and 4 in at ranges from 15 feet to meters.