Eminent Victorians [Lytton Strachey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eminent Victorians, first published in and consisting of. Strachey’s portraits of Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale, Thomas Arnold, and Eminent Victorians, collection of short biographical sketches by Lytton. Eminent Victorians () by Lytton Strachey consists of biographies of four leading figures from the Victorian era. Its fame rests on the.

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The first few pages, he wrote, were so enchanting that, “I continued, and when night fell I could not leave the book, but took it carefully home John Keble was one of the founders of the Oxford Movement. Inwith the help of her friend Sidney Herbert at the War Office, she went to the Crimea during the Crimean War to alleviate the terrible conditions at Scutari, the British military hospital at Constantinople.

I would call it unstinting. But Gordon was also a man of action who was ambitious for fame and influence. Construction means a limited expectation, one that seeks to discover within or read into a life some univocal meaning. This means that biographical portraits which have resulted from prior modeling i.

Bythe British iron and steel, and coal industries had fallen behind those of Germany lython the United States.

And, too, the gradual methodological shift from unidimensional to multidimensional biography, with an incipient emphasis on deconstruction, begins to be seen. At least, we read the biography and can see how it was put together by the biographer; and, perhaps, the circumstances that went into the formation of the life and times of the person researched by the biographer. The British Empire is in decline and a movement for self-determination in the colonies gathers force.

She had a sardonic sense of humor, and Strachey sees the less attractive side of her personality in photographs of her: Manning, as Strachey makes clear, was a well-connected Anglican clergyman who used his contacts to make the transition rather easily and moved up in the Roman hierarchy.

The explanatory notes are very helpful indeed. Gordon repeatedly refused to take the opportunities he had to escape.


Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey

He and Gordon disliked each other, and they were opposite in character. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. In it, Strachey cleverly exposes the self-seeking ambitions of Cardinal Manning and the manipulative, neurotic Florence Nightingale; and in his essays on Dr Arnold and General Gordon, his quarries are not only his subjects but also the public-school system and the whole structure of nineteenth-century liberal values.

He introduced modern history, modern languages and mathematics into the curriculum, but did not allocate enough time for their instruction.

At the age of thirty-three, he became headmaster of Rugby School. From this book I learned that there is a Catholic saint called Pantaloon. Clive Bell introduced Strachey to his editor at Chatto, Geoffrey Whitworth, who read the typescript, and passed it to his colleague, the novelist and critic Frank Swinnerton.

The particular association described by the biographer is of his own making, done usually for didactic ends. His movement grew and became the Mahdi Army. Appearing in May,Strachey’s Eminent Victorians was received by a people tired of war, shocked at the appalling carnage, and, at least in the intellectual classes, cynical about the policies that had dragged Britain into a ruinous, four-year continental war.

When Manning went to Oxford Universityhe seemed set for a political career, but his hopes were dashed when his father was declared bankrupt. The result, in Eminent Victoriansis a series of radical reinterpretations. He eventually joined the Royal Engineers instead, and behaved with great gallantry at the battle of Balaclava, during the Crimean War. As Strachey put it, the reason was because “we know more of the facts and we have our modern psychology to give us confidence.

Strachey sought a new approach to biography. By then it was wartime, and Strachey’s anti-war and anti-conscription activities were taking up his time.

This is the same Froude who crops up in Viictorians Victorians as a disciple of Newman who writes a biography of St. He stayed there until the end of and wrote half the book. Nevertheless, Strachey achieved what Edmund Wilson described as “a rare attitude of humility, of astonishment and admiration, before the unpredictable of life. Manning befriended Talbot, using him to gain access to the pope.


Shows more about Strachey and his mental makeup, plus the fact that he was an “outed” homosexual at a time when polite people did NOT discuss nor acknowledge such a condition. Lyttton Strachey unwittingly jealous of Froude?

Rereadings: Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey – a string quartet in four movements

Deconstruction means an expanded expectation, one that simultaneously challenges all univocal meanings attributed to a life and the possibility of suchand holds out for something less than or more than consistency about a person’s lifestyle, patterns of thought, relationships, and the like.

And by “text” is meant not only the biography one reads, but also the person studied by the biographer and reader alike. Read it Forward Read it first. One of them was Edmund Gosse, a biographer himself, who was not generally sttrachey to the Victorians. It minimizes the importance of physiological occurrences, irrational impulses and beliefs, infantile experiences, victoriqns and inhibited drives as well as environmental sociological factors.

He began by researching Cardinal Manning – he thought the many volumes of theology and ecclesiastical history with which he surrounded himself might cause his landlady to think he was contemplating going into the church, he joked in a letter to Lady Ottoline. However, it was precisely this that he creatively converted into a unique method for writing biographies. Gordon’s instructions were to supervise a withdrawal from the city, but Gordon wanted to take vigorous military action. The exact nature of the breach is described by Richard Altick:.

The Mahdi and his forces laid siege to Khartoum, eventually taking the city and killing General Gordon. He admires the resolute way she challenged the sluggish, reactionary bureaucracy of the British War Office and forced through revolutionary changes. But even that position of absolute power stracbey not enough to satisfy Strachey’s Manning. It is hard now to imagine the shock of its original sstrachey.

Cardinal Manning is presented as a scheming, ambitious man rather than a pious representative of God.