M3UA seamlessly transports SS7 MTP3 user part signaling messages over IP using SCTP. M3UA-connected IP endpoints do not have to conform to standard. MTP 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA). Member of the SIGTRAN protocol family. XXX – add a brief M3UA description here. The following SIGTRAN protocols in this section: IUA. M2PA, MTP2 User Peer-to- Peer Adaptation Layer. M2UA, MTP2 User Adaptation Layer. M3UA, MTP3.

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Number of Inbound Streams. Each IP node is required to have a m3ia code and an IP address. Problems, comments, suggestions, corrections including broken links or something to add?

The supported version is 1 – Release 1. SG is not an SS7 protpcol and has no point code. Message Length Defines the length of the message in octets including the common header. SUA can enhance the efficiency of the network and provides a means for simpler implementations.

Needs the SCCP services. The parameter field contains the time values.

M3UA – Wikipedia

SCTP is an application-level datagram transfer protocol operating on top of an unreliable datagram service such as UDP. Endpoints not equipped to interpret the vendor-specific chunk sent by a remote endpoint must ignore it.


One address is designated as the primary address to receive data.

Message Type The following list contains the message types for the defined messages. Verification Tag The receiver of this 32 bit datagram uses the Verification tag to identify the association. Message length The message length defines the length of the message in octets including the header and includes parameter padding bytes if there are any. It offers the following services to its users:.

The parameter fields contain the time values. MTP3 routes the message back to the origination SP. End-points exchange lists of addresses during initiation of the connection. Please take the time from a busy life to ‘mail us’ at top of screenthe webmaster below or info-support at zytrax.

Parameter tag The Parameter tag identifies the type of parameter. User Data Link Status. The chunks contain either control information or user data. Version The version field contains the version of the M2UA adapation layer. Variable-length parameter format M2UA messages consist of a common header described above followed by zero or more variable-length parameters, as defined by the message type. It contains one or more error causes.

Tech Stuff – SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP)

The IPSPs do not require point codes. Parameter value The value of the parameter. Each IP node does not require a point code. The M3UA header structure is as follows:.


It is sent by the initiator of an association to its peer to complete the initialization process. M3UA format of variable-length parameters. The M2UA header structure is as follows: The Selective ACK also contains zero or more fragment reports.

A standard IP layer. The message class The following message classes are available:.

RFC – Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3) – User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

Version M3uaa the version of the IUA adaptation layer. Message length The message length defines the length of the message in octets, including the common header.

The variable-length parameter format is as follows:. SCTP uses periodic heart-beat messages to confirm the status of each end point.

MTP 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

Message Classes and Types The following list contains the valid message classes:. Does not need SCCP services, reducing the complexity of the node and thereby reducing cost. If the receiver receives a datagram with an all-zeros Verification tag field, it checks the Chunk ID immediately following the common header.